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St Matthews, SC USA

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1946 AERONCA 7AC/DC CHAMP, C-85-12F O-200 Crank, restored 2009


Total time: 6124 Hours

Engines / Mods

C-85-12F O-200 Crank
1540 Hours Total Time
191 SMOH


Interior / Exterior

Restored 2009


This aircraft was completely restored in 2009. The two lower longerons from the rear seat back plus the tail post were removed and replaced with new 4130 chromolly tubing. All old paint and surface rust was removed with steel brush and sandblasting. Stits epoxy primer was applied and then covered with Stits Insignia Urathane white. All wood was restored or replaced and then two coats of Urathane varnish applied. All of the metal on the fuselage was replaced with the exception of the nose cowl which was cleaned up, repaired where necessary and primed with Stits epoxy white paint. Shoulder harness attach points were welded in prior to priming and painting. New floor boards with SS heal plates were installed. A new SS polished firewall was installed. All new windows were installed and the existing windshield was polished to look like new. A new instrument panel was fabricated and installed with a “ glove/map” box on the right side extending almost to the firewall. No fuselage fuel tank is installed, two 13 gallon tanks are installed in the wings. A parking brake is installed. The front seat is adjustable with a range of about two inches using a jack screw in the parallelogram seat frame. New seatbelt and shoulder harness was installed. The airplane is equipped with Cleavland drum type mechanical brakes. The tail wheel is solid rubber made by Maule.

The wing spars were carefully inspected and have no splices. Many of the rib nails were removed and replaced with ring shank nails of the proper length and dipped in Urathane varnish before reinstallation. The airplane is not equipped with navigation lights. All covering was done using the Stits process. The fabric is poly tone and the metal is Urathane. The wheel pants are fiberglass.

The engine is a continental C-85-12F but has been altered by STC with the 0-200 crankshaft, rods, and pistons. It is equipped with a new SkyTech starter, Slick mags, harness, and plugs. The exhaust system is Parker-Hanlon (sp?) with mufflers. The engine does not have an oil filter or generator. The battery, mounted under the front seat is an Odessy PC-680. The master switch is a mechanical “cutout” switch that does not pull any amps. The ELT was installed new of the ACK type using D cell flashlight batteries. A Flight/Line FL760 comm radio is installed with a built in voice activated intercom.

Empty weight is 868 pounds.

I suspect this is one of the nicest Champs around!
The plane is located about 25miles south of Columbia, SC at Dolittle Field, SC90. I have a few more pictures for those really interested. The price in not negotiable.

Contact Info

  • Steve Hawley
  • 185 Raider Ln

    St Matthews, SC 29135 USA