1965 CESSNA 210E


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Murfreesboro, TN USA

General Specs


892 SMOH

892 SPOH




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This 1965 Cessna 210E w/ only 3,543 TTAF, 885 SMOH, & 885 SNEW Propeller! All Logs, King Avionics, Insight SF-2000 Strikefinder, Cessna 300 Autopilot, Horton STOL Kit, GAMI Injectors, Shadin Digital Fuel Flow, & Much More! A Ton of Plane for the Dollar and She won't Last Long! Call Us Today!!!

Avionics / Equipment

King KMA-20 TSO Audio Panel with 3-Light Marker Beacons 
Northstar M3 'GPS Approach GPS   
TKM MX-170C Digital 760 Channel Nav-Com with VOR/LOC & Glideslope 
Narco Mk-12D Digital 760 Channel Nav-Com with VOR & Localizer 
Insight SF-2000 Strikefinder (Stormscope) 
Cessna 300 ADF w/ Davtron DAT-456 Digital Bearing Indicator 
King KT-76A Transponder with Mode-C Encoding 

Horton 'STOL-Craft' STOL Kit w/ Drooping Wing Leading Edge Cuff & Stall Fences  (STC # SA1048CE) 
G.A.M.I. Fuel Injectors  (STC # SE09217SC)  
Shadin Miniflo-L Digital Fuel Flow System  (STC # SA639GL & STC # SE443GL) 
Monarch Air Development 'Umbrella style' Raised Fuel Caps  (STC # SA2377CE) 
Sigtronics SPA-400 2-Place Voice-Activated Intercom System 
Fuel Capacity - 80 Gallons 
Engine Pre-Heater System 
'Low Vacuum' Warning Light 
12-Volt Auxiliary Power Receptacle (cigarette lighter style, for charging portable GPS, cell phones, iPads, etc.) 
King KX-99 Handheld Radio Adapter Jack (coupled to Com #1 antenna system) 
Aeroflash Model 156-0003 Wingtip Strrobe Lights 
Whelen Model HR-14 Red Tail Beacon Strobe Light  (STC # SA615EA) 
Engine Oil Filter  (used CH48108-1 oil filter) 
Cleveland Wheels & Brakes 
Sigmatek Artificial Horizon 
Stowable Co-Pilot Rudder Pedals 
Engine Primer System 
Engine Cowl Flap Doors 
Pitch Trim 
Rudder Trim 
EGT Gauge 
Pilot's Door-Post Mounted Map Light & Flood Light
Overhead Instrument Flood Lighting 
Pilot & Co-Pilot Push-to-Talk Switches 
Pilot & Co-Pilot Wing Root Fresh Air Vents 
Pilot & Co-Pilot Sunvisors 
Rear Passenger Overhead Fresh Air Vents 
Rear Passenger Overhead Reading Lights 
Pilot's Center Map & Equipment Console (between front two seats) 
Under Wing Courtesy Lights 
Wing-mounted Convex Landing Gear Position Inspection Mirror 
Brackett Air Filters  (STC # SA71GL / Air Filter part numbers: BA2205R & BA2205L) 
Hot Air Induction Control
Vernier Mixture & Prop Controls 
Avionics Master Switch 
Borg Electronic Clock with 'On/Off' Master Switch 
Outside Air Temperature Gauge 
Hobbs Meter 
Aft Baggage Compartment 
Clothes Hangar Hooks (just forward of rear window) 
Landing Gear Saddle AD 76-14-07 R2 complied with 2-9-1999 with installation of new-style heavy-duty landing gear saddles (P/N 1294151-1 & 1294151-2). 
Overhauled Oil Cooler w/ new Gaskets, & new Induction Air FIlters in Oct 2016 
New Left & Right Forward Engine Mounts in March 2014
New Prop Governor installed in March 2013. (149 hours of use since installed) 
New Intake Heat Deflector on #6 Cylinder, Nose Strut Resealed, Overhauled Compass, and New Instrument Panel Shock Mounts in February 2013 
New Pitot Heater Element installed August 2011 
Replaced all Fuel, Oil, & Hydraulic Hoses in Engine Compartment; New Nose Gear Actuator Hoses, New Voltage Regulator, & New Alternator Circuit Breaker in June 2010 
Overhauled Starter Motor in June 2010 
Horizontal Stabilizer Assembly re-skinned by Williams AIrmotive, Inc. (FAA CRS # WWFR300K) in Sept 2006 to install heavier late-model Cessna .025-thick nose ribs.
Updated Steel Nose-Gear Downlock Spring Guide installed in May 2002. 
Max Gross Takeoff Weight: 3,100 lbs.  /  Empty Weight: 2,125 lbs.  /  Useful Load = 975 lb


3,550 Hours Total Time Since New

Engines / Mods

892 hours since Complete Major Overhaul w/ Heavy Crankcase, Factory New VAR Crankshaft  (4-14-2000) 
307 hours since Top Overhaul with Factory New ECI Cylinders 
Make: Continental  /  Model:  IO-520-A  /  Serial # 110713-4-A 
Most recent compressions, taken at October 2016 annual:  #1 / 78, #2 / 77, #3 / 77, #4 / 76, #5 / 78, & #6 / 75  (over 80). 

892 hours since Factory New 3-Blade Constant-Speed Prop  (installed 4-14-2000) 
Make: McCauley  /  Model:  D3A32C88-R  /  Serial # 952501 
Installed under Felts Field Aviation STC # SA376NW

Interior / Exterior

Imron Matternhorn White (5080) base. 
Imron Red (29198U) major trim. 
Imron Black (99) minor trim. 
Paint is still very glossy and presentable. 
With some touchup work on the nose cowl and the leading edge struts this paint would rated about a 6+ to 7. 
Rated - 5+ to 6.   

Black vinyl seat upholstery with Light Grey velour fabric inserts. 
Matching Black & Light Grey sidepanels. 
Black carpeting & Black seatbelts. 
Off-White interior window plastics & Dove grey wool headliner. 
Electrically-Actuated Vertically-Adjusting, & Articulating  Pilot & Copilot Seats with Headrests. 
Articulating & Sliding Middle Row Seats with Headrests.
 Stowable 5th & 6th Rear Child Jumpseats in forward end of baggage compartment. 
Rated 6 - 6+.


All Logs Complete Since New Annual Inspection next due: November 1, 2017 
IFR Pitot-Static/Altimeter-Transponder Certification next due: May 1, 2018 
Old Damage History: Gear-up landing in July 1968 with belly skins replaced. Gear-up landing in September 1985 with belly skins and right main ger door replaced. Nose gear collapse in Feb 1997, nose gear doors replaced. Left main gear failure in 2000, left evelator & rudder reskinned, left fiberglass wingtip repaired.  No reported damage to the wings in any of these incidents. All professionally repaired.

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