1978 CESSNA 210M


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Phoenix, AZ USA

General Specs


925 SFRM

925 SMOH



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Detailed Description

Professional Pilot's pride and joy. 1978 Turbo Centurion. Custom Metal Panel, King Stack, Full Logs, Arizona hangared for 16 years. Visit http://www.N6779B.com for full specs and photos.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel / 6 Place Intercom
King KLN 94 (Enroute / Terminal / Approach Certified) GPS
King KX155  Nav / Com 1
King KX155 Nav / Com 2
King KN64 DME
KT76A Transponder
Cessna 400B Autopilot
AirTex 406 406Mhz ELT
NSD-360 Horizontal Situation Indicator
Insight GEM 610 Graphic Engine Monitor EGT / CHT / TIT
EI ASC-5A Clock, Altitude Alert, Timer
WX-8 Stormscope Lightning Detection
EI AV-17  Voice Annunciator
JPI Fuel Scan 450 Fuel Flow Computer (Coupled to KLN94)
(2) Bose X Panel Mounted Interface Pilot / Copilot Headsets


Custom Metal Instrument Panel                                                  
Factory Oxygen
90 Gallon Fuel Tanks                                                                       
Pulse Light Landing / Taxi Light System
LED Beacon                                                                                       
Rosen Sunvisors
High Security Barrel Key Cabin Door Locks                                 
Cockpit Organizer
Uvalde Gear Door Mod                                                                   
Ground Service Plug
Wingtip Strobes                                                                                
Horizontal Stab Abrasion Boots
Avionics Master                                                                                
Electric Elevator Trim
Standby Electric Vacuum Pump                                                    
Dual Push to Talk
Vertical Card Compass                                                                   
Dual Mu

Engines / Mods

Total Time Airframe: 5900
Time Since Factory Remanufacture: 925 Factory Remanufacture by Continental Motors
Propeller Time Since Overhaul  925 Overhaul by Santa Monica Propeller

Interior / Exterior

Appearance wise, the plane is good looking.  It's been private hangar kept out in the dry desert air, so the paint still shines, and she gets compliments on a regular basis.  The windshield is good, and clear.  It does have a couple of small scratches from where the metal edge of the Rosen visors have hit it - but they're largely out of sight, way up at the top.  The side glass is decent, but the rear window is pretty hazy.  I was thinking about doing glass when I did the interior - as the sealant can be messy to install - so that would be the best time to do it - but for now it's completely serviceable.  The interior is just as it appears in the pictures.  It's well used, but not torn, and kept as neat and clean as possible.  The lower sidewalls could use a fabric update, unless you like dated blue plaid, the door handles have rubbed on the leather, and you'll be able to tell where my arm rests in flight... but this plane was a work horse to me, and my kid is still young enough that I don't want to put a fancy interior in now only to discover my daughters fruit roll up is now melted into a new leather sidewall - so I've held off on the upgrade.  It's your chance to make it yours.


Visit http://www.N6779B.com for full specifications, details and notes on 16 years of ownership.

Contact Info

  • Brett Tossell
  • (480) 225-8130
  • 29410 North 43rd Street

    Cave Creek, AZ 85331 USA