2002 CIRRUS SR22


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Cleveland, TN USA

General Specs


1,514 SNEW

1,514 SNEW






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Cirrus SR-22, 2002 with 1514 total time since new, airframe and engine. Aircraft has very nice paint and comes with the factory avionics suite. Dual Garmin 430, Sandel E-HSI, JPI EDM-830 with Avidyne MFD. Aircraft will have fresh August annual with sale and IFR certification. Schedule a Demo today.

Avionics / Equipment

JPI Engine Monitor System EDM-701 ā€“ STC SA256NM & SA00861SE
Garmin GNS 430 Bulk upgrade ā€“ STC SA01933LA-D (includes duel GTX327 transponder kit), P/N: 011-0280-10 S/N: 97109868
Garmin GNS 430 Only P/N: 011-0280-10 S/N: 97108735
Goodrich Aviation Products and Systems Inc, WX 500 (weather input for MFD)
L-3 Communications Avionics Systems Inc, SKY-899 (Traffic)
Sandel EHSI P/N: S/N: 3308
Avydine Flight Max 5000 MFD
S-Tec 55X P/N: 01192-34-61T039 S/N: 4293 (Autopilot system and control head)
Garmin GMA 340 Audio panel selector

Additional Equipment
Airframe Components: 
Replaced OAT Battery P/N: MN1500, April 28, 2018 at Tach: 1498.4 Hobbs 1498.4
Removed existing fire extinguisher, Replaced with new Fire Extinguisher P/N: RTA600, April 28. 2018 Tach: 1498.4 Hobbs: 1498.4
Complied with Serice Bulleten SB2X-05-02 Apri, 28, 2018 at Tach 1498.4 Hobbs 1498.4
Replaced MCU P/N: 14600-001 S/N: 00155 due to component failure. Installed factory new assembly P/N: 16600-011 S/N: 00042 dated November 16, 2017 Hobbs 1509.9 Tach: 1509.9. See FAA Form 8130-3 with Work Order 3566-10-2017 by Cirrus Design Factory Service Center. Dated October 06, 2017
Replaced Alternator Current sensor for No. 2 alternator due to failure. Replaced with New P/N: 14604-002 at Hobbs: 1509.9 Tach 1509.9 Dated November 16, 2017
Garmin GNS 430 Only P/N: 011-0280-10 S/N: 97108735 (Unit No. 1) updated at Garmin Factory for operating software and system. Bench Tested and repaired. See FAA Form 8130-3 Dated April 23, 2018 Hobbs: 1514.1 Tach: 1514.1
Garmin GNS 430 Only P/N: 011-0280-10 S/N: 97108698 (Unit No. 2) updated at Garmin Factory for operating software and system. Bench Tested and repaired. See FAA Form 8130-3 Dated April 23, 2018 Hobbs: 1514.1 Tach: 1514.1


Total Time: 1514 Hours

Engines / Mods

Engine Total Time: 1514

Left Powerplant Specification: Continental S/N: 686275 (Current unit installed on airframe April 23, 2002) Factory new engine upon installation in aircraft

Prop Specs
Propeller time Since New: 1514.1 (2400TBO or 72 Month) 
Propeller Hub Model No. PHC-J3YF-1RF/F7694 S/N: FP1724B
Propeller Blade S/N:

Blade 1: J73781
Blade 2: J73788
Blade 3: J73831

Prop and Overhaul History: 
Propeller was installed April 23, 2002 by Cirrus Design Group, Inc. on Airframe S/N: 552 SR22 new from factory. Overhauls have been completed, no prop damage, Propeller Dynamically balanced on August 5, 2002 by Crownair, San Diego California at 112.3 hours SNEW. A/Dā€™s 94-17-13 and A/D 07-26-01 not applicable by Serial Number. 

Hartzell HC-B3 series propeller Time Before Overhaul Periods: 2400 hours/72 calendar months in normal, commuter and transport category or 3500 hours/60 calendar months in utility category.

STC SA00861SE & SA2586NM ā€“ Installation of JPI EDM-701 engine monitor (temperature and operating indication system) and JPI FS-450 Fuel flow indication system.

Interior / Exterior

Crew Configuration: 2 seats, pilot and co-pilot configuration, 

Passenger/Cabin Configuration: 2 seat passenger configurations, 2 seat forward facing seats. Three point restraint/harness. No airbags or deployable maritime floatation devices under seats.


Alternator Repair: alternator was removed at hobbs reading/engine hours 549.3 due to failure to charge. Unit was sent to B&C Specialty products for overhaul. P/N: BC410-1 S/N: 1221569 was returned to service and installed on powerplant. See FAA form 8130-3. Date: August 17, 2004. 

Magnetos: Magnetos were removed for service at hobbs reading/engine hours 1004.4, no cuase given. Magnetos received a 500 hour inspection by A/P William D. Ellis. Returned to service with a log book insert, no FAA form 8130-3. Date: September 15, 2009.

Engine Serviced due to issues at engine start: It was determined that the engine was reluctant to start due to a defect in the fuel system. This occurred at hobbs reading/ engine hours 1067.7. The defective fuel components were sent to Aircraft Carburetor and Injection Service of Texas, LLC. Overhauled Mechanical Fuel Pump P/N: 655921-1 S/N: B02DA214, see FAA form 8130-3. Overhauled Fuel Manifold P/N: 646433-5A2 S/N: C02DA194, See FAA Form 8130-3. Overhauled Throttlebody P/N: 653353-5A1 S/N: A02DA184, See FAA form 8130-3. Overhauled all six fuel injection nozzles P/N: 652312-12E, See FAA form 8130-3. Starter Adapter was serviced due to worn shaft. Serviced by Aviators Air Centers Inc. See FAA yellow tag for further information and work release. Following component overhaul the units were installed on the aircraft by Aviators Air Centers Inc. The work was completed on Date: March 16, 2010.

Exhaust Repair: Exhaust assembly repaired due to failing inspection at time of annual. Serviced at hobbs reading/engine time 1261.0. Repair work and inspection was completed by Dawley Aviation. See work release/yellow tag. Date January 2, 2013

Oil Cooler: replaced oil cooler with new unit P/N: 8000953 S/N: 4041151. See FAA form 8130-3 Replacement was completed at hobbs reading/ Engine time 1371.2. Date: February 5, 2015

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