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Saratoga, NY USA

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N712CC. 2015 Carbon Cub SS, 103 TTSN. Equipped to do everything you want and then some. Ski fittings Located Saratoga, NY.

Avionics / Equipment

Signature Navy over White Paint Scheme
Checkerboard Rudder
Executive Glass touch panel
Garmin Dual-Axis Autopilot
Garmin GDL 39R ADS-B receiver
Catto 80 x 50 Composite Propeller
Rear Seat Trim Control
LED Lighting Package w/ wig-wag
Extended Baggage Compartment w/ Access Door
(2) Headset Hooks
Halon Fire Extinguisher
3″ Extended PA18 Landing Gear
HD Cabane Vee
Alpha Omega Suspension System
1.5″ Brake Upgrade
26″ Airstreak Tundra Tires
3200-type Steerable Tailwheel
Alaskan Bushwheel Tail Spring
Gap Seals
Reiff Engine Preheater
Rear Seat 12V Outlet


Total Time Since New: 103 Hours

Engines / Mods

103 Hours Since New

Catto Composite Propeller

Interior / Exterior




Location: Saratoga, NY
Fuel Capacity: 24 gallons
Empty Weight: 983
Gross Weight: 1320

Now available from CubCrafters great lakes/northeast and located in our Saratoga, NY location is this stunning 2015 Carbon Cub SS.  Highlighted by its gorgeous Signature Paint Scheme in navy over white with a checkered tail with graphite and black striping, this SS is perfect in every way.  With just 100 hours and no damage N712CC is the best an SS can be.  Equipped to do everything you want and then some.  Its empty weight of just 983# means this Carbon Cub has performance written all over it.

Be the first this spring to hit the back country and land in those hard to reach spots.   Feel confident with the titan built CC340 180hp engine that can get you out and get home.  This cub has the best of the best when it comes to options necessary for flying the back country including the catto 80×50 propeller.  With the 1320# GW this airplane is the LSA leader and offers 26” airstreak bush tires, 1.5” disc brakes, extended 3” covered landing gear and the popular alpha omega suspension system connected to the heavy duty cabane V to smooth out the terrain.  And if you accidentally wind up in the rough, this SS also has the alaskan bush tail wheel spring and the 3200 steerable tail wheel for ease of handling and smooth operational control.

This carbon cub is already outfitted with ski fittings for our summit wheel penetration skis as well as a Reiff engine pre heater and a rear seat 12v power outlet.  Fly year round and do it in comfort and in style.  And now that spring and summer are close by, pack your sleeping bags, tent and fishing poles. Your extended baggage compartment can handle this and more.

When you are flying the mountains or back country of any kind, you do not want questions about capability.  The Garmin G3X executive glass touch panel along with the Garmin dual axis auto pilot plus the Garmin GDL39R ads-b receiver and XM satellite activation make this the most capable back country cub you can own.  Cruise the valley with unmatched situational awareness and weather and traffic all at your fingertips and your favorite music streaming too from the bose headset power installation.  Your carbon cub is outfitted with the light weight lighting and strobe package and a right side landing light, the perfect combination for your evening flights home.

So this is the year, the year you have decided to enjoy flying again.  We at CubCrafters hear this a lot.  Start your season in this carbon cub SS and we know you will Love flying all over again.

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