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Yakima, WA USA

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N97LL. 2017 CC19 XCUB LE, new condition. TTAF&E 17. Remarkable STOL performance. Generous useful load. GDL84 ADS-B pkg. 26" Tundra tires.

Avionics / Equipment

Instrument Panel
Garmin aera 796 moving map GPS w/aeronautical charts
Garmin GDL 84 ADS-B package (upgrade!)
Trig TY91 comm radio
Trig TT22 transponder
Electronics Int’l CGR-30P digital recording engine monitor
— Tachometer
— Oil Pressure/Temp
— 4 channel CHT’s
— 4 channel EGT’s
— Carburetor temp
— Outside air temp
— Fuel computer
Analog airspeed indicator
Analog 20,000′ altimeter
Analog Vertical speed indicator
PS-Engineering PM3000R stereo intercom

Lycoming O-360-C1G – 180 horsepower
Hartzell Trailblazer composite, constant-speed prop
Electroair electronic ignition system (upgrade!)
Carbon Composite spinner
Spin-on oil filter
Engine oil quick drain
Carbon composite two-piece split cowling

Two 24.5 gallon wing tanks w/49-gallon total capacity
Three position fuel selector valve
Lighted Fuel sight gauges
Mechanical (primary) and electric (backup) fuel pumps

Modified USA35(B) airfoil
G-Series slotted flaps & airfoil ailerons
Direct push-rod aileron controls
Vortex generators
Gap Seals
Galvanized rudder control cables

Limited “Launch Edition” 4 color paint scheme (upgrade!)
Side-access baggage door
Rear step to enter copilot seat
Float fittings

Lightweight starter
40 amp alternator
Lightweight LED strobe, nav and landing lights
Interior Night VFR lighting package

Athanum Scottish leather interior (upgrade!)
Vernier Mixture Control (upgrade!)
Dual flight controls
Dual toe brakes
Dual Electric trim control
Dual Schroth 4-02 Seat Belts with crotch strap (upgrade!)
PTT switches on pilot and co-pilot controls
Parking brake
ANR headset connections
Adjustable front and rear seats with memory foam cushions
Removable rear seat
TSO’d USB charging ports
12V charging ports
Cabin heat
Cabin fresh air vents
Acrylic skylight
Halon Fire Extinguisher

One piece dampened spring-aluminum landing gear (upgrade!)
Grove wheels & brakes
26″ Goodyear tundra tires (upgrade!)
3200-type steerable tailwheel by Alaskan Bushwheel


17.8 Hours Total Time

Engines / Mods

Engine: Lycoming 0-360 C1G

Prop:78" Hartzell Trailblazer

Interior / Exterior

Interior Rating:10

Exterior Rating:10


Brad Damm– Factory Direct Sales Northwest, (509) 961-2313; brad.damm@cubcrafters.com

Fuel Capacity:49 US Gallons
Empty Weight:1340 LBS
Gross Weight:2300 LBS (960 LBS useful load)
Last Annual:5/17 (original certification)

This very low time XCub checks every box on an adventure Pilot’s wish list: remarkable STOL performance, generous useful load, class-defining speed and cross-country range, with both the pilot and a passenger enjoying comfort and convenience.

N97LL is outfitted with a constant-speed composite prop that is both extraordinarily lightweight and efficient which allows a cruise speed of up to 145 miles per hour on 26″ tundra tires. Cruising slightly slower at 135 mph with a fuel capacity of 49 gallons extends the aircraft’s range to 800 miles. Go even a little slower, at an economy cruise of 120 mph, and the range extends to over 1,000 miles. This makes N97LL an extraordinarily versatile aircraft.

All XCubs are built on a wholly original fuselage design. The CNC milled 4130 chromoly steel frame meets the latest FAA Part 23 certification standards for 2,300 lb gross weight aircraft. XCub’s useful load is as high as 1,084 lbs. Today’s Part 23 certification requirements ensure N97LL is one of the strongest Cub type aircraft ever produced.

The G-Series ailerons on N97LL improve handling in all aspects of the flight envelope. The roll authority has been improved by redesigning the aileron airfoil and relocating the hinge point. Push-rod aileron controls directly replace cables and pulleys eliminating cable stretch. Pilots experience a smooth, tactile feel with markedly lighter and crisper roll response compared to legacy aircraft. Roll rate is increased and control harmony is fantastic. Following a river, carving turns at treetop level in an XCub is something every pilot should experience.

N97LL features CubCrafters new aerodynamic aluminum spring gear that is both stronger than legacy gear and provides superior damping and control on unimproved landing areas. N97LL also has float fittings and hidden, pre-welded, tabs on the airframe to support hydraulic pack installations for amphibious applications. The 2,300-pound gross weight capability makes allows up to 800 lbs of useful load on floats, with both straight and amphibious floats from Wipaire now certified for XCub.

N97LL has outstanding cockpit ergonomics. High seat positioning, low side windows, a low-profile instrument panel, and a tapered cowl assure a panoramic view. The stick is comfortably and precisely positioned. The seats feature memory foam cushions to assure comfort and circulation for long cross-country flights. The instrument panel flows intuitively with engine controls on the left and avionics/lighting on the right. The interior package offers Scottish leather seats with perforated inserts and contrast stitching. There are 12 storage areas in the cabin, two bottle holders, four USB charging ports and two 12V power outlets. A rear seat electronics console holds both phones or tablets.

All XCubs ever manufactured by CubCrafters are certified by the FAA under Part 23, Amendment 62. The certification process for this model was completed in 2016, lasted six years, and generated 45,000 pages of compliance reports with more than 2,700 combined ground & flight conditions tested. XCub meets the requirements of more than 1,500 FAA aircraft certification regulations. The XCub is simply the safest, most extensively tested adventure airplane ever certified.

N97LL is a really great airplane, one of the last two limited Launch Edition XCubs that will ever be built. The aircraft did have a ground loop with minimal outboard damage to one wing and aileron (no landing gear damage or propstrike) in late 2017, resulting in a completely new wing assembly being installed at the CubCrafters Factory. The aircraft is still under Factory warranty, is being offered in factory-new condition, and is ready to go now for any 2018 backcountry flying adventure!

Audible stall, altitude and terrain warnings
Kannad 406 AF Integra ELT w/GPS
Visual fuel gauges
Complete 4130 reinforced fuselage

Balance of CubCrafters Factory one year limited warranty

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