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Odessa, FL USA

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The KR030 Topaz is a high-wing cantilevered monoplane. All major components of the aircraft are constructed of glass and carbon fiber composites.
The fuselage consists of a self-supporting shell structure made from carbon fiber PARABEAM material. In the forward section of the fuselage is the two side-by-side seats. The cabin is a very comfortable 47" wide. The hull consists of two symmetrical halves fused togehter. The integrated floor also includes the form for the seats built into the structure. The seats are made of composite materials with optional leather. The split windshield is made of UV-resistant polycarbonate.
The landing gear is tricycle configuration with composit main gear, hydraulic brakes, and a steerable nose wheel coupled to the rudder. 
The wing contains the electric flaps and ailerons that are operated by push rod linkage. The flaps and ailerons are made of carbon fiber composite for extremely high stiffness with minimal mass (anti-flutter requirements). The wing has no control systems or other components installed inside.
The Controls are pushrod type and the elevator includes electric trim tabs controlled from the control stick. The control stick is mounted in the center console. This allows plenty of room for writing and maps on the lap of the pilot and copilot. It's also out of the way for entry and exit of the aricraft. The aircraft is equiped with a ROTAX 912 UL 80 Hp engine standard  with a 100hp option. The 22gal fuel tank is wing mounted or optionally can bemounted behind the passenger seat.

Avionics / Equipment

Switches in cockpit:

master switch
ignition switch
2 ignition switches
flaps control buttons
trimmer control buttons
Flying instruments:

bank indicator
static and dynamic pressure indicators
flaps indicators
trimmer indicator
Power plant indicators:

coolant temperature L and R
charging voltage indicator
fuel gauge
fuel pressure indicator
hour meter

Fuel system:

Fuel system consists of two connected tanks of total capacity 70l that are mounted in the cockpit, behind the seats. System equipped with fuel filter and sedimentation tank. Fuel ducts made of rubber.

Wiring system:

Electric equipment:

engine starter
ignition system
flaps and trimmer drive engines
engine parameters indicators
fuel gauge
electric fuel pump
Power source:


Engines / Mods

Power plant:

ROTAX 912 UL engine is fixed on rubber dampers to stainless steel frame that is fixed to the fuselage. The engine is equipped with ground adjusted, three-blade Aero-Sail propeller of 1,72 m diameter. Engine cowling made of carbon composite mounted with Cam-lock clamps to the fuselage. Automatic control of engine temperature. Carburetors air inlets heating system.

Interior / Exterior

Cockpit equipment:

Two seats of shell-like structure made of glass and carbon reinforced composite (colour of upholstery to be agreed). Two sets of seat belts. Side air inlets in both doors. Cockpit heating.

Control system:

Control system made of rods and torque pipes. Elevator and aileron controlled with control stick, located in the middle of the cockpit, between the seats. Rudder is controlled by two sets of pedals ( in front of both seats). Flaps and elevator trimmer are controlled by two sets of electric buttons situated on the control stick. Brakes are operated by means of lever mounted on the control stick. Two coupled throttle lever located on both sides of the cockpit. choke lever mounted on the left side of dashboard.


White external. Grey internal.



Shell-like fuselage design, made of resin composites and reinforced with glass and carbon fiber. Fin is the integral part of the fuselage. Two-seat cockpit is situated in front of the fuselage, seats are located side by side. Behind the cockpit, there is room for mounting parachute rescue system. Wind shield is made of 3mm Plexiglas. Doors frames made of carbon reinforced composite, filled with Plexiglas sheet. The wing has also shell-like structure that is made of glass and carbon reinforced composite with a load bearing spar, made of carbon reinforced composite. The wings are mounted on the fuselage by means of four bolts. The wing is equipped with ailerons and flaps made of carbon reinforced resin. Flaps and ailerons are fixed to the wing with brackets. Ailerons tips are equipped with mass balancing elements. Both tail plane and rudder have shell-like structure, made of glass and carbon reinforced composite. Three axis landing gear with the front wheel coupled with rudder. Front landing gear made of steel and equipped with rubber shock absorbers. Main wheels mounted on glass reinforced composite legs. Wheel axis made of steel. Hydraulic disc brakes located on the main wheels. All tires of the same type and dimension - 350 mm. Both front and main wheels covered with spats.

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