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Corry, PA USA

General Specs


315 SMOH






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Lycoming O-320-A2B 150 HP: TTAF: 3153; TTE 2444; SMOH: 315; Fresh Annual w/sale; 9+ in and out; night/IFR: 3 light marker; 1 VOR; 1 VOR w/glideslope; ADF; GPS hookup; dual radios/antennas ; EGT; custom canopy cover; LR fuel tanks (32.5 total gals); Ext oil filter/cooler; speed prop; speed vertical stabilizer; dorsal fin; tow bar; landing lights in both wings; hinged cowl. KT76A Transponder; Intercom with pilot PTT; Cruise about 140 mph in smooth air. Very clean airplane, and very fun to fly.  One of the nicest AA1Bs flying. Meticulously maintained and impeccable logs.

Contact: bijection@hotmail.com

Avionics / Equipment

Dual VORs
KY97A Com
KX155 w/GS

KA134 audio
MKR Beacon
Sig Intercom
KA 56 Ext GPS ant
Astro tech clock.


3153 Hours Total Time Airframe

Engines / Mods

Lycoming O-320-A2B 150 HP
Total Time Engine 2444 Hours
Since Major Overhaul 315 Hours

LR fuel tanks (32.5 total gals)
Exterior oil filter/cooler
Speed prop
Speed vertical stabilizer
Dorsal fin
Landing lights in both wings
Hinged cowl
Auto fuel STC (but I only use 100LL)

Interior / Exterior

Upholstery in Excellent condition (9/10 easy)

Excellent condition (9/10 easy)


Other accessories: custom canopy cover, tow bar, GPS hookup with exterior antenna; dual radios/antennas

Please feel free to take the time and take a close look at this airplane, it's nice.  I bought this plane in May of 2005 and have enjoyed it more than any plane I have ever owned or flown.  The owner before me had decided to give it the ultimate STC offered on a AA1B and upgraded the engine to a 150 HP Lycoming 0-320.  The new engine was built by Ly-con performance engines of California (ref # 13682).  Using only the best parts offered including ( new ) Lycoming cylinders along with balance, Ly-con said it would produce close to 170 hp.  At this time other STC's were added including long range fuel tanks, ( 5 additional gals in each wing ) , external engine oil and filter system,  new prop and vertical stabilizer speed mod, along with dual landing lights.  Previous owner had also installed Dorsal fin for added stability, and hinged engine cowl for easy engine access.  The objective was to transform a good little plane into a great little plane and it all worked very well.   When I first bought the plane I didn't know much about the Grumman but soon found them to be among the best planes built. 

Climb out is 1500 fpm or more and cruises at 140 mph @ 70% power.  

Description and condition:  This plane is in excellent condition inside and out.  It has always been hangared and is now at Corry, PA (8G2).  Painted with PPG urethane in 1995 which still looks fresh, along with new interior in 1997.  There is nothing wrong with this plane and is ready to fly and enjoy anywhere including high altitude regions.  All glass is good. Fresh annual. 

Additional comments:  I am not a broker and would like to see this plane go to a good home.  This plane has always performed for me very well and I have flown it on long distance cross country flights many times.  I usually fly with one other person, and I fill the long range tanks on longer flights.  The useful load is listed as 467 pounds, and has no problems with performance, even in high humidity.  I love the way this plane handles and I have always described it as a sports car if I would compare it to the auto world.   These planes were originally designed and intended for trainers but proved to be much more.  I wish I owned this plane when I was training which would have saved money in rental fees.  I encourage anyone interested to e-mail me with questions and I will do my best to honestly answer all.  This airplane is truly the best with no corners or short cuts taken in maintaining it.  This plane is very much worth what I am asking.  Good luck, and have fun!

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