1993 KITFOX IV 1200


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Fullerton, CA USA

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SkyStar Kitfox Model IV-1200 kit 40% complete in red. Price includes many premium components and upgrades to complete including new NSI Subaru 100hp engine with 3-blade variable pitch prop, Cleveland wheels and brakes, LR tanks, electric trim, custom digital avionics, custom upholstery, strobes, ELT, polycarbonate windows, spring gear, and more.  All manuals, DVDs, paperwork and logs incl. $50k + invested.

Avionics / Equipment

All FAA analog gauges (altimeter, T&B, VSI, etc.)
Garmin GPS NAV/COM with moving map
Multi-function digital reporting transponder Micro Encoder by Rocky Mountain Instruments
Multi-function digital reporting Micro Monitor engine parameter monitor by Rocky Mountain Instruments
King TS-76 encoding transponder talks to Micro Encoder)
High quality circuit breakers organized A/B bus
High quality PS Engineering intercom with panel and passenger interface
Digital water and pressure gauge with alert
Digital prop pitch gauge
Split window annunciator switches
A/B bus and alternator field management from cockpit
Custom digital avionics
Cleveland wheels and brakes
LR tanks
Electric trim
Spring gear


Wing tips with navigation and landing lights
Cargo bays in both wings and under passenger seat
Long range fuel tanks
Custom upholstery with Kitfox Logo
Whelen strobes
External power receptacle (clever hidden access bottom fuselage)
Cessna 150 battery bay
Emergency bus gel cell battery
Dual custom Amphenol umbilical connectors through firewall connecting panel & aircraft  to engine bay
Grove Gun drilled polished aluminum spring gear
Grove Forged polished tail spring
Electric trim
Cleveland brakes and wheels
Polycarbonate one piece tinted windshield and full bubble doors by LP Aero Plastics
Emergency low fuel sump with optical sensor alert
Custom walnut stick control grip with integral push to talk, rudder and prop trim

Engines / Mods

NSI Subaru 100HP engine by NSI Propulsion featuring:
Ellison throttle body  injection
Gear reduction drive
Dual redundant CD solid state ignition (patented)
Custom dry oil sump
Variable speed prop with reverse pitch
Warp Drive three blade black carbon graphite prop
B&C alternator with field protection, linear regulator, and fused B+ line
A/B bus with emergency shedding capability with battery backup with visual/audio alert
Long range tanks

Interior / Exterior

Custom upholstery

Polycarbonate windows


Sky Star Kitfox Model IV-1200 kit 40% complete in red

All manuals, DVDs, paperwork and logs incl. 

Many premium Components and upgrades to complete

Too much to list!

Project Progress:
Wings containing luggage bays and long range tanks are complete but not covered
Wing tips are cut and fitted
Tail group complete, rudder is covered
Rudder and flaperon mechanism fitted
Seat fitted
Emergency fuel sump behind passenger fitted
Boot cowl with oil check door fitted
Included Extras:
All construction manuals including "firewall forward" manuals from NSI
CD containing construction details from various other Kitfox projects
CD containing videos of the Kitfox in aerobatic performance at AirVenture
Dynamometer print out containing horsepower, torque and specific fuel consumption for this particular engine.
Extensive advertising literature
Reference manuals and catalogs
Build log
Expenditure log
Excluded items:
Covering materials
Light weight aluminum radiator

Contact Info

  • Gary Crane