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Roanoke, TX USA

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1946 Luscombe 8A. Recent annual. Qualifies for “light Sport” designation. Could be one of the lowest time Luscombes in the World!  Aircraft underwent a 15-year restoration and was finished in 2011. This Luscombe was owned by one family Until Nov. 2016. All logbooks. Every single component was removed, stripped, inspected, acid etched, alodined, epoxy primed, and repainted. Wings cleaned, stripped, epoxy primed and recovered. All new cable assemblies made. New magnetos installed, new exhaust system, all new glass, new interior. Great Flying Airplane on less than 5 gallons an hour! Airplane just went through annual in December. Shoulder harnesses installed in 2017.


The following is an excerpt of the 2011 annual... 1946 Luscombe 8A TT Aircraft 1068 Aircraft- fuselage completely stripped to bare metal, acid etched and repainted. New windshield, side and overhead windows installed. New floor boards, new seat cushions, and new baggage compartment installed. All new stainless steel control cables installed in fuselage. New fuel line installed. New wiring for mag switch installed. Gas tank stripped, epoxy primed and new seal installed. Reupholstered door panels with new fabric. Horizontal, vertical, rudder and elevators completely stripped to bare metal, acid etched, alodined, Epoxy primed and repainted. Partial re-skin of lower left horizontal stabilizer. All new hardware used when airframe was reassembled. Landing gear completely disassembled, stripped, inspected, epoxy primed, repainted and installed with new hardware. New Maule tail wheel assembly installed. New main tires and tubes installed.. Wings were disassembled, zinc chromated, recovered in Poly-Fiber system primed and painted with the Stits process and reinstalled on fuselage. Wing struts stripped, inspected, epoxy primed and reinstalled with new hardware. All control cables in wings replaced with stainless steel cables. Ailerons stripped and acid etched, alodined, primed and repainted and installed on wings with new hardware . Engine mount was sandblasted, inspected, epoxy primed and painted and reinstalled on aircraft with new hardware. New weight and balance preformed and installed in aircraft. AD 94-16-02, replaced aluminium fittings with steel part Univair P/N U28444 on vertical stabilizer. Engine was completely disassembled for overhaul. Crank case was sent out to Divco for overhaul. Cylinders, crank, rods, and gears were sent to Kline Aviation for overhaul. Cylinder work done by Kline Aviation was grind cylinders P015, new exhaust guides, new exhaust valves, new intake and exhaust springs and keepers, and regrind on intake and exhaust seats. Stromberg carburetor NA-SE-B, ser # 380155-2 was overhauled by Kline Aviation and reinstalled on engine. Cam and lifter bodies were overhaul by Aircraft Specialties. Engine was reassembled with new parts: pistons P015, Ring set p015, oil gear set, rod bolts and nuts, gasket set, crank seal, cylinder base nuts, bearing set – mains and rods. Engine was reassembled per Continental Engine overhaul manual. New slick mags and harnesses installed: model 4333, right serial # 05100682, left serial # 05100679. New Alburn spark plugs UREM40E installed. 4 quarts of Aeroshell 100 mineral oil installed. Engine was reinstalled on aircraft with new engine mount rubber bushings. Engine was test run, all systems check out ok. Inspected propeller, McCauley model CF7445

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