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General Specs


1,335 SMOH




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This 1967 Piper PA-28-140 is in Excellent Condition and it has received Excellent Maintenance.  It has a PowerFlow Tuned Exhaust System which significantly increases performance and a reduction in fuel burn.  Total aircraft time is 3472 and TTSMOH is 1335.

Avionics / Equipment

AT50A Transponder
Com 760
TKM MX11 Com
Narco VOR
E.I. Fuel Flow Gauge and four place com system
The Horizon and several other instruments are relatively new.


Log books are complete.  Modifications include gap seals (Increases air speed about 2 kts.), Demer's High Lift wing tips (If you prefer the original wing tips, they are included.), Micro Vortex Generators (Reduces stall speed about 5 mph) and a Plane Plastics rear cabin shelf.  In 1968, the left stabilator tip was replaced due to apparent hangar rash. As with most aircraft of this vintage, there has been some minor/surface corrosion which was removed and treated with Corrosion X.  As a preventative measure, this aircraft has been treated throughout, from time to time, with Corrosion X. Maintenance has been excellent. The useful load is 869.9.

Engines / Mods

Engine Logs are complete. The engine is a 150 HP LYC O-320-E2A, s/n L-18730-27A, TBO 2,000 hrs with a total of 1,335 SMOH.  In Dec. 2008, Cylinders #1 and #4 were removed and rebuilt at 904 hours SMOH with Gibson Aviation overhauled exchange cylinder assemblies. Cylinder #3 was aslso removed and replaced with a Gibson assembly in Dec. 2009.  Compressions at last annual, Jan, 2018, were 1-72, 2-70, 3-70, 4-74. Modifications include an automobile Fuel STC and a PowerFlow Turned Exhaust System. 

1.) With the PowerFlow Tuned Exhaust you will immediately notice an increase in RPM (30 - 130 more). 

2.) On take-off, your Cherokee will break ground after a ground roll that is 100’ – 300’ shorter, and 

3.) See a significant improvement in rate of climb (100 - 300 fpm).

You are in control: Want to save fuel? 

4.) You can use less throttle to fly at your current cruise speeds and save up to 2.2 GPH.

5.) For more power, use the extra RPM (100 RPM yields approximately five extra knots of airspeed for a slightly (about ½ GPH) higher fuel burn.

6.) CHT’s and oil temps are both significantly reduced (by 15O - 20O) and –

7.) The service ceiling is increased by 2,000 – 5,000 feet, with a corresponding improvement in performance during high density altitude operations.

 Engine maintenance has been excellent.    The extimated total prop time is 3,472. It was Dynamically Balanced at NW Propellar Service.

Interior / Exterior

This aircraft has been hangared most of it's life.  The paint looks very  good.


This is a good looking aircraft with some excellent performance modifications. The maintenance has been excellent.  No damage history other than a stabilator tip.

Specifications, performance, equipment, after market STC’s, component times, damage history and condition subject to verification upon inspection

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  • Lloyd Aircraft Enterprises LLC
  • (206) 595-2251
  • 14400 Bel Red Road

    Suite 103

    Bellevue, WA 98007 USA