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1959 / 2014 PIPER SUPER CUB, 20 SMOH, 150 Engine And Airframe, Complete Restoration 2014, Essentially A New Airplane, New Cylinders, Pistons, Cleveland Disk Brakes And Wheels, Garmin 500 GPS, SL40 Comm, GTX327 Transponder And Alt. Encoder, Intercom, Strobes, Underseat Storage, Many Alaska Safety And Convenience  Mods. Upholstered Interior And Aluminum Baggage Area. An Exceptional Airplane You'll Be Proud To Own.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin 500  GPS
SL40 Comm
GTX327 Transponder & Alt

Engines / Mods

20 Hours Since Major Over Haul
New cylinders, pistons

Engine log:  Lycoming O-320-A2B ser. No. L-13758-27
July 2-2014 Tach 0.0  total time unk.  "0" since major overhaul
Disassembled engine, cleaned and flushed.  Crankshaft, camshaft, connecting rods tested for  runout and magnetic particle inspected and polished by Aircraft Specialties.  All engine tolerances checked per Lycoming overhaul manual and comply with service limits or better. Installed new bearings, tappets and gaskets.  New cylinders, pistons, rings and wristpins from ECi installed.  Reground valves to Lycoming tolerances.  Installed new cam and timing gear hardware and new con rod bolts.  Magnetos, carburetor, starter and generator overhauled.  New magneto wiring harness and sparkplugs  installed, engine timed.  Engine ground run-in and test flown for break-in for 20 hours per Lycoming and ECi instructions.  Compression check:   #1) 73/80. #2) 72/80, #3) 75/80, #4)73/80

Interior / Exterior

Upholstered interior and aluminum baggage area


July 2-2014 Tach 0.0  total time unk.  0 since major overhaul

Overhaul and restoration: Completely dismantled airframe.  Bead blasted airframe, front seat frame and landing gear, checked for corrosion, welded new upper stringer supports in place to replace bent units.  Welded in new rear teardrop window frames. Welded new forward side stringer supports.  Welded in greenhouse window X frame, see 337 for detail.  Welded Dzus brackets on aft lower longerons to mount removable lower aft belly pan.  Welded front seat belt anchors to airframe-see 337 for detail.  Fabricated and installed removable cross brace behind rear seat per Atlee Dodge STC-see 337 for details.  Welded a repair lug onto left and right rear wing attach points to correct elongated bolt hole-see 337 form for detail . 

Epoxy primed airframe, bead blasted and epoxied all fittings.  Replaced all cable pulleys. Installed all new stainless primary and secondary control cables and turnbuckles. Installed new control surface hinge bushings. Bead blasted and epoxy primed all cockpit primary flight controls. Fabricated new wooden floorboards per Piper drawings, installed stainless steel heel plates. Overhauled brake master cylinders, new brake lines. Installed Cleveland 6 inch wheels, bearings and disc brake conversion-see 337 for detail. New Air-trac 6 X 8.00 tires and tubes 

 Installed Atllee Doge P/N 3232-2 FAA/PMA bolt-in airframe shoulder belt anchors front and rear.   Fabricated new aluminum interior panels per Piper drawings. Fabricated aluminum baggage area headliner. Installed New Plexiglas cabin windows.  Chemical stripped, epoxy primed and Urethane painted all cowlings and fairings. Installed new fuel lines, and new FAA/PMA fuel selector valve.  Anti-chafe tubing around fuel lines at all contact points. Installed new engine and cabin vent control Bowden cables.  All fasteners replaced with new AN hardware, Stainless steel where available. All engine and flight instruments overhauled by Keystone Instruments.

 New electrical wiring per Piper schematics and AC4313-1B standards.   Shielded wire for all power  and avionics/intercom wiring.  Anti-chafe tubing around wiring at all contact points. Installed new circuit breakers and switches. Starter cable 2 ga. copper.  Installed new Garmin SL40 comm radio, model 427 mode C transponder, AmeriKing Altitude encoder, Garmin Aera panel dock GPS, Sigtronics intercom.  Avionics installed per AC4313-2B standards.

 Covered fuselage with Poly-fiber fabric and finishes per Poly fiber STC1008WE.  Fabric color coats are Polytone (Consolidated Finishes) Vestal white # K7641 and Santa Fe red # H9150. Metal surfaces finished in Ranthane Polyurethane Vestal white # K7641 and Sante Fe red # H9150.

Wings dismantled-all ribs and fittings removed, Spars, compression ribs, drag wires and fittings bead blasted, inspected and epoxy primed. Right wing repairs:  replaced ribs #1, 2, 5,6,7,15. and 16 with Univair stamped ribs per STC SA1522NM, reinforced ribs 8, 9,10, 13, and 14 per piper drawing.  Replaced drag wire nipple #3 bay forward inboard. Replaced outboard trailing edge lift strut bracket.  Left wing repairs:   Replaced ribs #1, 3, 7 with Univair stamped ribs per STC SA1522NM,Reinforced # 10, 8, 12. 15.  Both wings: Installed new aluminum trailing edges, false spar and leading edge skin. New stainless aileron control cable. Installed ribs and trailing, leading edges with #4 stainless PK screws. Installed Whelen TSO 490 TCI strobe light power supplies near wing tips, Landing light, nav  and strobe light wiring installed with anti-chafe along ribs.   All fitting and compression rib fasteners replaced with new AN fasteners. Wings squared by trammel bar measurement.  Installed new TSO  Whelen TSO A650 Strobe/ nav light combo fixtures. All items installed per Piper PA-18 blueprints.  Installed Whelen TSO A555 Strobe beacon on stock rudder post mount.

 Covered Wings and control surfaces with Poly-fiber fabric and finishes per Poly fiber STC1008WE .  Fabric color coats are Polytone (Consolidated Finishes) Vestal white # K7641 and Santa Fe red # H9150.

Installed overhauled Lycoming O-320-A2B engine ser. No. L-13758-27 using new Atlee Dodge engine mount and new mounting bushings and bolts.  Installed Sensenich prop. Model 74DM-55 ser.no. 15644 per TCDS, using new prop bolts. New FAA/PMA prop spinner installed

Weighed A/C, calculated wgt. & balance.  L. main=519 lb, R. main =532lb, TW =62 lb.  ttl. empty wgt =1113 Lb.  Empty CG = 13.981.   Calculated extremes of loading configurations, AC within allowable CG limits at max gross wgt and allowable loading configurations.

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