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Ormond Beach, FL USA

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LS Sport Model with Rotax 912iSS-100HP Liquid/Air Cooled engine.

With over 20 years of continuous improvement and over 350 planes flying around the world, the Super Petrel LS biplane is a proven design, providing smooth forgiving stalls, excellent stability and comfort, incredible short takeoff distances from land or water, precise handling at slow speeds, and extremely stable crosswind landings.

Flying the Super Petrel LS is simply PURE FUN!

Efficient Lift -
Our biplane configuration has long narrow wings with a short chord line just like a glider, lots of low-drag lift. Wing chord depth is shallow for faster, efficient airfoils.

Strength -
The sponsons are attached firmly to the lower-wing, just below the N-struts where they are rock-solid. This is in sharp contrast to other amphibian designs where the sponsons are hung from the high mono-wing, with struts and sometimes guy wires to place them down near the water where they can be effective. However, these arrangements can be much less sturdy, and in some planes are a known and proven weak spot.

No Flaps -
Because aircraft has very low approach speed, the pilot maintains full control, without flaps or the need for a pronounced flare, to a simple landing on all types of water. Landings on water or land are nearly the same, adding to the operational ease of flying the Super Petrel LS.

Very Flip Resistant -
Most all seaplanes are known for their tendency to flip over easily when landing in the water and things aren’t just right. But not in the Super Petrel LS. Its unique biplane design, along with the special design of the hull and its tricycle landing gear, places the center of buoyancy behind the center of gravity and behind the center of lift. The result is that this plane nearly refuses to flip over in those very dangerous situations for other amphibious aircraft. It’s just one more way the Super Petrel is as forgiving as it is easy to fly.

Don't wait any longer to experience the pure fun of flight. Call us today to demo the Super Petrel LS.

Avionics / Equipment

✓	Complete Dynan Skyview avionics. including dual 10"EFIS panels and a Garmin Aera 785.
✓	Fully 2020 ADSB Compliant Now! Including TSO'd ADSB In and Out Mode S transponder. and fully compliant WAAS GPS receiver. Get free weather and traffic on your moving map display and don't worry about 2020
✓	Integrated Engine and Fuel Monitoring.
✓	Integrated Angle of Attack (ADA) for additional safety.
✓	Integrated Dual-axis Autopilot with independent control panel.
✓	Electric pitch trim.
✓	Audio and visual landing gear position indications.
✓	Standard and LEMO powered (Base style) headset connectors.


✓	Fly with the doors on or off.
✓	Sturdy carbon fiber airframe and contral surfaces. and impact resistant carbon Kevlar fuselage (hull).

Engines / Mods

Rotax 912iSS-100HP Liquid/Air Cooled Engine.

DUC three-blade propeller with special lnconel leading edge protection.

Interior / Exterior

✓	Cabin heat and dual fully adjustable air vents.
✓	Fly with the doors on or off.
✓	4-point seat harnesses.
✓	Retractable landing gear with frant gear doors.


Max Cruise Speed	100 (kt)
VNE	113 (kt)
Stall Speed	35 (kt)
Max Climb Rate	1000 (ft/min)
Glide Ratio	10:1
Service Ceiling	12000 (ft)
Take Off (ground/water)	262/394(ft)
Landing (ground/water)	394/328(ft)
Endurance (hours)	06:00\

Empty Weight	783 lb
Useful Load	537 lb
Gross Weight	1320 lb
Load Factor (G)	4 / -2

Cabin Width	46 inches
Baggage (Load)	66 lb
Length	20.83 (ft)
Height	8.30 (ft)
Wing Span	29.20 (ft)
Wing Area	161.46 (ft²)
Landing Gear	Tricycle/Retractable

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