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General Specs


7,482 HOURS

7521 HOURS



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1987 AEROSPATIALE AS 332 L1, 9921 TT, 7482/7521 HRS. Excellent Condition, NDH. FAA certified.

Avionics / Equipment

Equipment Manufacturer / Model
Gyro Horizon Ind. (Pilot & Copilot): SFENA H140CPM1
Gyrocompass (No.1 & No.2): SFIM CG130
Vertical Gyros (No.1 & No.2): SFIM GV76-1
Audio control Panel (No.1 & No.2): TEAM CP1976A1
Cabin Public Address System Collins 356D-2B
AFCS 3 Axis: SFIM AP 155
Automatic Direction Finder (ADF): Collins ADF-60A
Transponder Mode “S”: Honeywell MST-67A
VHF Comm (No.1 & No.2): Collins VHF-22A
Multi-Band Comm (29.00 to 400 MHz, AM/FM) Collins AN/ARC-210
VOR/ LOC/ GS/ MB NAV (No.1 & No.2): Collins VIR-32 NAV
CVR: Universal Avionics CVR-120R
GPS: Honeywell GNS-XLS
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME): Collins DME-42
Traffic Advisory System (TAS): Avidyne/Ryan 9900BX
Flight director System: SFIM CDV-85
Radio altimeter: Thales TRT AHV8
Air Data Computer: Sandia Aerospace SAC 7-35
Emergency Locator Transmitter: Artex C406-N HM
Weather Radar System: Honeywell RDR-2000
Multi-Function Display (MFD): Bendix King KMD 540
Central Warning Panel: E.C.E. 134TS05H7V4AAC
Moving Map Display: ARGUS 5000/CE

Installed Equipment
Dual controls
Rotor brake
Windshield wipers motor assy
Flight hour meter unit
Digital fuel flow meters
Engine fire extinguishers
Cabin and cockpit Halon 1211/1301 portable fire extinguishers
Large Landing Gear Sponsons
Landing/Taxi Sponson Light (LH & RH)
Retractable landing light (600W)
Anti-collision strobes, upper and lower
Sling load indicator
External cargo mirrors (LH & RH)
External engine intake viewing mirrors (LH & RH)
Fixed Provisions for Cargo Hook
Fixed Provisions for Hoisting System
Fixed Provisions for Emergency Flotation System
Crew headsets
BSN SAT Phone with AFF Iridium Tracker
Removable Parts for Cargo Hook

Additional Equipment / Modifications
1. Installation of various avionics equipment -FAA STC SR2093SE
Cockpit Voice Recorder System UASC CVR-120R
Tactical Comm. System Collins AN/ARC-210
SARSAT ELT System Artex C406-N HM
Transponder Honeywell MST-67A
Blue Sky Flight Tracking and Comm. System
Weather Radar System Honeywell RDR-2000
TCAD Traffic System Avidyne TAS-620
GPS/FMS System Honeywell GNS-XLS
2. Application of FAA STC SR02089SE
9 Seat Passenger Configuration” –FAA approved
3. Application of FAA STC SR01344LA 
Installation of MASS Systems fire extinguisher cartridges as replacement for W. Kidde Aerospace/ L’Hotellier Dexaero fire extinguisher cartridges –FAA approved
4. Soft Interior Liners (Sidewalls & Ceiling) -weight saving


9,921.8 hrs
24,339 Landings

Engines / Mods

Engines: TurbomecaMakila 1A1
Engine No.1 Total Time: 7,492.2 hrs, TTO 1,619.5 hrs / Due Jun 19th, 2029
CT 11,374 Cyc PT 6,314 Cyc
Engine No.2 Total Time: 7,521.2 hrs, TTO 1,172.7 hrs / Due Sep 30th, 2027
CT 5,799 Cyc, PT 5,918 Cyc


Excellent condition, no damage history

Airframe Inspections (As of December 05, 2016)
Inspection Type Time remaining
100 Hour 100 hrs
500 Hour 17.7 hrs
1,000 Hour 613.3 hrs
1,500 Hour 517.7 hrs
2,000 Hour 1,531.3 hrs
2,500 Hour 31.3 hrs
3,000 Hour 2,017.7 hrs
3,750 Hour 3537.5 hrs
7,500 Hour / 15 Year 1,735.4 hrs/ Due Aug 3rd, 2017*
1 Year Due Jun 6th, 2017
2 Year Due Jun 6th, 2018
4 Year Due Sep 3rd, 2018
6 Year Due Apr 14th, 2017
8 Year Due Oct 14th, 2018
12 Year Due Oct 22nd, 2022

Specifications may change without prior notice, components remaining time and technical data subject to verification prior to purchase or lease

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