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    • Aircraft Acquisition Support
    • Transaction Services
    • Ponca City, IN USA

    Greenwood Group 9

    Austin Unruh / Chris Greenwood

    2117 North Waverly

    Ponca City, OK 74601 USA

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    Detailed Description

    Greenwood Aerospace is the nationally recognized small business of choice for the prime contractor and government agencies for our aircraft acquisition services.
    Greenwood’s aircraft acquisition team leader Mr. Lyn Roberts spent over 20 years as director of special mission sales and business development at Textron Aviation and its predecessor companies and has been personally involved in the sale and delivery of over 500 aircraft to U.S. Government customers generating total revenues in excess of $2 billion.
    Greenwood has worked with numerous clients throughout the acquisition process, beginning with the comprehensive bid proposal meeting covering needs analysis to ensure the targeted aircraft meets the size, speed, and range desired. We apply our considerable industry knowledge to deliver a detailed market evaluation and recommendation of suitable aircraft available in the timeframe and financial range requested.
    Headquartered in Ponca City, Oklahoma, we operate from a location close to the Textron Aviation assembly site and the Bombardier site. Our inspectors act as your representatives onsite and on your behalf during all phases of your aircraft’s production and assembly and special mission integrations, which helps avoid possible airplane delivery delays and associated costs.
    Greenwood Aerospace has structure and executes complex transactions that precisely fit specific client needs, such as buyer anonymity. Some buyers want to keep their identity private, so it doesn’t impact price negotiations for the aircraft, remember sellers are looking out for their best interests.  That’s precisely why you should have someone looking out for your interests while trying to get you the best possible airplane.  Whether you are buying your first airplane for a contract or a whole fleet, let us represent you and your interests throughout the purchase process.