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    General Specs

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    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co
    • (877) 477-7823
    • (951) 372-9555
    • Fax: (951) 372-0555
    • Po Box 4000

      Corona, CA 92878 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)



    Detailed Description

    This product is lacquer, foam, and plastic friendly
    NCF Quick is used with HOT STUFF, UFO Odorless THIN, SUPER T, and UFO Odorless THICK, and with it you can do almost magical things. Why an accelerator when HOT STUFF & SUPER T are so fast anyway? NCF Quick works in three ways to make HOT STUFF , SUPER 'T' and SPECIAL 'T' EASIER, FASTER, STRONGER and able to bond some of the most unusual materials you can think of. 
    EASIER - you decide how fast the cure should be even on pitchy woods that often take longer to bond.
    FASTER - because NCF Quick contains special ingredients which prepare the bonding surface and act as catalysts to start the thermal reaction, resulting in curing even at low temperatures. 
    STRONGER - because the cleaner the surface is from the oils that can be found on almost anything, due to handling or oils which are deposited naturally from the air, the better the bond. 
    Part may be sprayed 3 minutes, or longer, in advance of bonding. Apply SUPER T in a spiral pattern to other part, assemble parts, and then hold firmly for 10 seconds. 6oz.