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Detailed Description

UFO Thin has a viscosity similar to water and a very fast cure time. It is similar to Hot Stuff, but this is a low-bloom formula so it emits practically NO FUMES or odor. If you have ever worked with CA glue before, you know those curing fumes can be very irritating, which is why we recommend always working with adequate ventilation. However, some people are very sensitive, so even if they work in a well-ventilated area, they still may experience irritation of their eyes and nasal passages. For other people, the work environment is very confined and simply cannot be adequately ventilated. If you find yourself in one of these situations, UFO Odorless CA glue is the answer. 1oz.

Additionally, UFO Thin will not attack foam. This is very important for modelers working with styrofoam, as normal CA glues can attack and destroy it, turning a precious model into scrap. If you want an instant glue to bond styrofoam, you can\x92t afford NOT to use UFO.

However, if you do not have a special sensitivity to the fumes and have adequate ventilation, and if you are not working on styrofoam, we recommend using our Hot Stuff Original instead. Hot Stuff is little faster and a little thinner than UFO Thin, and it is considerably less expensive, so for normal applications it just makes more sense.

UFO thin is NOT meant to be applied to separate pieces before putting them together. It will work that way, but it cures quickly enough that the pieces will probably be bonded before you have them exactly positioned. Instead, UFO thin should be used on hairline cracks and non-porous, tightly-fitting pieces you have already assembled. When you have parts that fit exactly together, get them in position, run this glue along the crack, and it will wick right in.

Curing time is five seconds between tightly fitting, non-porous parts. We recommend using the NCF Quick CA glue accelerator to ensure a complete cure of the bond. You may also want to keep a bottle of our Super Solvent debonder for CA glue on hand to remove super glue from your hands and most surfaces. You may not need Super Solvent often, but it doesn\x92t go bad, and you\x92ll be glad you have it when you need it!

Store unopened bottles in the freezer to extend shelf life. Bottles of super glue (any brand) which have been opened will experience a shorter shelf life if they are continually taken out of and put back into cold storage. Shelf life is 1 year for 1oz and 2oz bottles.