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    General Specs

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    • Corrosion Treatment
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    Call for Price

    Ram Aircraft LP
    • (254) 752-8381
    • Fax: (254) 752-3307
    • Engine Sales

      7505 Karl May Dr

      Waco Regional Airport

      Waco, TX 76708 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)

    Detailed Description

    Available in 16 oz. Aerosol and 1 Gallon Jug.  PENETRATES, LUBRICATES & CONTROLS CORROSION!  Here is a product that we encourage the use of at RAM, one we issue freely over the counter at our Parts Window as requested by our aircraft mechanics. Introduced in 1993, CorrosionX has been found to be a very versatile product because although it is a very effective penetrant and lubricant, it really has the qualities needed to help prevent and stop corrosion. CorrosionX has been widely used by the military for aircraft, vehicles, and weapons.   Apparently so aggressively used by the military because it offers so many multifunctional benefits from one source. It is an exceptional lubricant for such things as rod ends, hinges, locks, and closure mechanisms, yet it\x92s also an excellent penetrant for breaking loose components such as rusted exhaust stacks and corroded inspection plate screws.   Reports from the U.S. Army at Ft. Drum, NY indicated that CorrosionX saved them as much as $4 million in refurbishment costs for aircraft treated with CorrosionX, aircraft that were later deployed to Somalia. Similar findings were also reported for helicopters used in Haiti. Our RAM mechanics believe this to be a excellent product, one you will find yourself using quite often. We encourage you to include a can of CorrosionX when ordering other parts.