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    General Specs

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    Vantage Plane Plastics
    • (580) 327-1565
    • (866) 307-5263
    • Fax: (580) 327-0526
    • Cody Rader

      3161 College Blvd

      Alva, OK 73717 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)



    Detailed Description

    To Fit Makes and/or Models:  Any
    SEM prep products:
    SEM-PLPrep:	Removes mold release agents, fingerprints, grease, wax and other contaminants and leaves plastic substrates clean for coating without softening or distorting the plastic.
    Note: Packaged in Aerosol Can
    KSEM-SandFree	Softens the substrate promoting adhesion on difficult to sand areas.
    Note: Packaged in Aerosol Can	
    KSEM-Soap	A first step cleaner for all repair and refinish procedures. SEM Soap gravitates into the pores of the substrate and floats contaminants to the surface. SEM Soap also contains a slight abrasive to open the substrate for greater adhesion.
    KSEM-VinylPrep	Cleans soil, wax and grease from vinyl substrates while it softens and prepares the surface for adhesion of topcoat.
    Note: Packaged in Aerosol Can