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    General Specs

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    Airparts Inc.
    • (800) 800-3229
    • Fax: (913) 831-6797
    • Chris Whitney

      2400 Merriam Lane

      Kansas City, KS 66106 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)


    Detailed Description

    All Kleer; Met-All; Plexall...
    -Black Labs Corporation is proud to introduce, All Kleer, the ultimate plastic windshield cleaner and polish. All Kleer was invented by a pilot over 25 years ago for cleaning and maintaining plastic aircraft windshields that require absolute clarity.
    -All Kleer is different than most windshield products on the market as it not only cleans dirt, bugs and grease but leaves a very fine, slick finish. This finish helps to repel water, dust, bugs, and water spotting - making it easier to see and to clean the next time. All Kleer contains no wax, ammonia, or abrasives and does not require the use of any water. A non-pressurized leak proof 8oz bottle is designed to be carried on board if desired.
    -Simply apply All Kleer with a clean towel to a dry windshield cleaning off any bugs and dirt and allow 30-60 seconds for a haze to form. After it has completely dried, wipe off with a clean towel and feel the All Kleer finish
    -Met-All aluminum polish is unexcelled for shining Aluminum and Stainless Steel surfaces to a gleaming luster. Non-toxic, environmentally-safe polish works wonders on trailers, aluminum doors and windows, awnings, sinks, shower enclosures, and much more!
    -Painted or unpainted, Met-All's Aluminum Polish keeps all your aluminum shining bright. Special protection agents remove and prevent oxidation on all aluminum and stainless steel surfaces. This non-abrasive, environmentally safe formula guards against water spots and maintains luster. Non-toxic and non-flammable. Effective in removing accumulated surface dirt and stains from anodized aluminum.
    -Ammonia-free Plexall cleaner that is the perfect product for plastic and plexi-glass as well as tinted window films. Plexall won't scratch or discolor surfaces. Plexall repels dust and contains anti-static and anti-fogging agents to help keep glass surfaces sparkling clear. Use Plexall for marine, home, RV's, aircraft and automotive.
        -Won't Scratch
        -Repels Dust
    -This gentle, fast-acting and easy-to-use cleaner has become a big favorite with pilots.
    -18-1/4 OZ. AEROSOL CAN