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    General Specs

    • Not Listed
    • Ballistic Recovery Systems
    • BRS 13-04076
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    Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co
    • (877) 477-7823
    • (951) 372-9555
    • Fax: (951) 372-0555
    • Po Box 4000

      Corona, CA 92878 USA

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    General Specs (cont.)



    Detailed Description

    The BRS Softpack is best suited for aircraft manufacturers that require a ballistic parachute mounted inside their aircraft. When mounted internally, this system also has a six year repack schedule.
    Check list for installing an Emergency Parachute System in your light sport aircraft.
    1) Make sure the parachute meets the ASTM standard for airframe emergency parachutes.
    2) Coordinate with the parachute manufacturer to ensure a proper installation.
    ALL BRS 6 Parachutes are ASTM compliant
    (1) All weights are approximate and include appropriate rocket. Overall system weights will increase with inclusion of activation assembly, mounting hardware, and attachment bridles.
    (2) All dimensions are approximate and do not include appropriate rocket, frame (softpack only), and rocket mount.
    (3) The BRS\x81]172 and 182 dimensions include container relative to installed position in aircraft.