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  • For Sale
  • ADS-B Products
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  • West Lafayette, IN USA

Lafayette Avionics, Inc.

Joshua Wright

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Detailed Description

Dual-frequency ADS-B Receiver and SiriusXM Satellite Link

Receive SiriusXM Aviation satellite weather and digital audio entertainment plus subscription-free ADS-B U.S. datalink weather and traffic
ADS-B dual-link traffic with TargetTrend and TerminalTraffic technology4
Wireless connectivity to Garmin Pilot and ForeFlight apps as well as select Garmin portables
Provides GPS position data, backup attitude5 and more
Receive the first three-months of a monthly subscription to the SiriusXM Pilot Preferred aviation weather package and the SiriusXM All Access audio programming package at no cost with GDL 52

Providing an easy-to-use and completely portable aviation satellite link, the compact GDL 52 combines SiriusXM coverage accessible from ground or air  with the subscription-free weather and traffic features of an ADS-B datalink. Together, these 2 network link technologies bring a world of safety-enhancing features plus access to more than 150 channels of digital-quality music, news, sports and other entertainment programming directly to your cockpit. Better still, you can use our Connext wireless connectivity to stream this information onto compatible Garmin aviation portables and mobile apps, such as Garmin Pilot or ForeFlight. So you get more access on more devices without spending more money.


The Ultimate Weather Watcher

Continuous SiriusXM satellite updates accessible by ground and air can help you make better, more timely flight decisions. The SiriusXM network powerful satellites deliver seamless coverage across the continental U.S. and its coastal regions as well as southern Canada. (See coverage map.) Choose from available SiriusXM Aviation weather packages that provide METAR data and animated NEXRAD imagery plus current reports on precipitation, lightning, winds aloft, echo tops, turbulence, freezing levels, TFRs and more¹.

Alternatively, the GDL 52 portable receiver also provides subscription-free access in the U.S. to ADS-B Flight Information Service-Broadcast (FIS-B) weather information. With this, your compatible devices3 can display animated graphical weather plus METARs, TAFs, winds and temperatures aloft, PIREPs, NOTAMs and other features linked from ADS-B. And to help you maintain the most current weather picture, your GDL 52 receiver can queue the weather from ADS-B and/or SiriusXM while your display device is sleeping or turned off so it automatically updates when you turn the screen back on.



Great Sound Made Easy

By simply connecting a compatible Bluetooth®headset or audio panel to GDL 52, you can wirelessly listen to your choice of high-quality audio entertainment channels provided by SiriusXM¹. Volume adjustments and station selection may be accessed through your compatible Garmin aviation portable or mobile device app. If you prefer, a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack positioned on the side of your GDL 52 makes it easy to provide a hardwired audio out connection to an auxiliary device or audio panel in your aircraft.


Spot Potential Traffic Threats

To aid in situational awareness, GDL 52 can also receive ADS-B position reports directly from other aircraft in your vicinity. In the U.S., 2 frequencies (978 UAT and 1090 ES) are approved by the FAA for ADS-B broadcasts, so GDL 52 offers access to both frequencies. This allows you to see the most comprehensive view of all ADS-B Out equipped targets in your vicinity. Your compatible display4 will alert you by announcing traffic targets both audibly and visually. Spoken audio alerts announce Traffic, Traffic to get you looking right away.


View Enhanced Traffic Features

To further extend your traffic monitoring capability (on compatible displays), the GDL 52 receiver also allows access to our TargetTrend relative motion tracking technology. This feature gives you a faster, more intuitive way to judge the direction and closure rate of intruding targets relative to your aircrafts position.