GI102A (GI-102A)

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  • For Sale
  • CDI's
  • Yes
  • South Windsor, CT USA

General Specs (cont.)





Detailed Description

Part Number: 	
P/N: 013-00048-01 - Standard GI-102A
P/N: 013-00048-11 - With Course Datum
Certification: 	8130-3
Voltage: 	14/28 V
Included: 	Connector (if needed)
Plug-in replacement: 	
 • Collins IND-350A
 • Collins IND-350
 • Garmin GI-106B

Garmin's GI-102A GPS/VOR/LOC Indicator is the indicator designed to work with most GPS units. Like the King KI-202 or Collins IND-350 / IND-350A, the GI-102A has a rectilinear meter movement, instead of pendulum, which makes it easier to read. The needle remains vertical throughout its range of travel. This feature helps the pilot to better determine the degree of correction needed to stay on course.

An uncommon GI-102A feature is a built-in Nav Source annunciator. This shows green when used with a GPS source, and white when used with a VOR or Localizer source. While this annunciator is not generally sufficient on its own to allow an installation to earn an IFR approval, it is definitely a handy backup.

This indicator does not contain a VOR/LOC Converter, which permits its use with a GPS. The GI-102A, together with an Annunciator Control Unit (ACU), can be used to meet the FAA requirements for an IFR GPS installation.

The GI-102A also features:

   • Non-reflective lens
   • Internal lighting

Since the Garmin GI-102A does not contain an internal VOR/LOC Converter, it is designed to be used with NAV equipment that does include this converter.  It will also work with most GPS Receivers. Compatible avionics include:

   • Garmin GPS-150XL VFR GPS
   • Garmin GPS-155XL IFR GPS
   • Garmin GNC-250XL VFR GPS/COMM
   • Garmin GNC-300XL IFR GPS/COMM
   • Garmin GNC-420 IFR GPS/COMM
   • Apollo GX-50 IFR GPS
   • Apollo GX-55 IFR (Enroute) GPS
   • Apollo GX-60 IFR GPS/COMM
   • Apollo GX-65 IFR (Enroute) GPS/COMM
   • Collins VIR-351 NAV
   • KX-165 NAV/COMM - 14V or 28V