SL40 (SL-40)

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  • COMM Transceivers
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  • South Windsor, CT USA

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  • For Sale
  • COMM Transceivers
  • Yes
  • South Windsor, CT USA

General Specs (cont.)





Detailed Description

Certification: 	8130-3
Voltage: 	14/28 V

The SL-40 is an excellent 760 COMM channel Transceiver.  In fact, one of our repair technicians likes the design and performance of this radio more than the newer Garmin COMMs.  If you don't need 8.33 kHz tuning, you will be pleased with the SL-40.

Customers consistently enjoy the ability monitor another frequency without leaving your assigned frequency.  This allows the pilot to gather additional information without missing the next call.  When the Active frequency receives a transmission, you hear it.  At the end of that conversation, you are directly automatically to the frequency you are monitoring.

The SL-40 automatically remembers the last 8 frequencies in use.  There are also 8 memory positions available for user storage.  Common weather frequencies are also preprogrammed into the memory.

The SL-40 features:

   • Simultaneous digital display of both active and standby frequencies
   • Push button frequency flip-flop
   • Bright, easy to read display
   • Automatic squelch
   • One-touch Emergency frequency (121.500 or other that you program)
   • Internal voice-activated 2-place Intercom
   • Stuck Mic protection
   • Received signal-strength and noise level display
   • Easily adjusted sidetone
   • 8 watts of transmission power
   • TSO'd