ACK 406/121.5 MHZ E-04 ELT

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ACK 406/121.5 MHz E-04 ELT
Canada Programming - SPECIAL ORDER
Retrofit kit

The E-04 ELT is a direct replacement for the more than 62,000 model E-01 ELT's (by ACK) on the market today. The E-04 fits directly into the current E-01 mounting trays and uses the same remote control panel indicator. The E-04 external antenna will utilize your current antenna mounting and wiring installations.

Note: The installation manual for this item requires the installation of 2 very specific batteries for operation - Duracell part number PX28L or Eveready part number A55 (or equivalent) for installation into the switch assembly and Duracell part number CR2 or equivalent for installation into the audio alert indicator.

Retrofit Kit does not include remote

- Accepts GPS position input data from Bendix/King. Garmin, Nema 0183 GPS
- Antenna is swept back 20 degrees, and features a molded plastic base.
- 5 watts at 406MHz for 24 hours, and 100 Mw at 121.5 MHz for 48 hours.
- Simple plug in audible alert indicator.
- Lithium battery pack offers a 5 year battery life, and makes it substantially lighter.
- Can use Ameri-king remote panel indicator
- 7.75" long
- 2.85" width
- 2.85" height
- 1.6 pounds in weight with battery
- Remote requires a Duracell PX28L 6 volt lithium battery or an Eveready AS44 battery
- Audible Alert Indicator requires a Duracell CR2 3 volt lithium battery or equivalent

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