KLN94 (KLN-94)

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  • GPS
  • KING KLN94
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  • South Windsor, CT USA

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  • For Sale
  • GPS
  • KING KLN94
  • Yes
  • South Windsor, CT USA

General Specs (cont.)





Detailed Description

P/N: 069-01034-0101 - Original KLN-94
P/N: 069-01034-0102 - Adds DC Roll Steering command to autopilot
Condition: 	Serviceable
Certification: 	8130-3
Voltage: 	14/28 V

GPS Antenna, Rack, Connector, Existing Database available at extra cost if needed

Comments: 	The factory has run out of replacement displays for the KLN-94 GPS Receiver, so the display is not repairable or replaceable. As a result,we do not recommend the KLN-94 for new installations.

We upgrade all KLN-94 radios from P/N: 069-01034-0101 to P/N: 069-01034-0102 (with DC Roll Steering) via a software update.

Plug-in replacement: 	
King KLN-89B
King KLN-89

The KLN-94 is an update to King's very common KLN-89B IFR-Approach Capable GPS. If you are one of the many pilots who have used the KLN-89B, then you already know much of the KLN-94's operation.

The KLN-94 is a direct slide-in replacement for the KLN-89B. You can continue to use the same GPS antenna, mounting rack, and wiring with the KLN-94.  

The most obvious improvement the KLN-94 offers is the color display / moving map. (The KLN-94 is the least expensive IFR GPS to offer a color display.) The color display makes it easier to find the information you need, which is a very real advantage when you are busy.

In addition, the KLN-94 boasts the following improvements over the KLN-89B:

    Higher resolution display - Geographic features (roads, rivers, lakes, cities, etc.) are now present, and it is easier to set the map range. Even though more information is available, it is also easier to declutter the map. The KLN-94 display shows five lines of data, versus the four lines offered by the KLN-89B.

    Improved formatting - On most pages, the Track and Desired Track are continuously shown. This allows you to address heading errors while they are small, and boosts your understanding of the current winds aloft. System annunciation is always available on the right side of the display.

    More convenient IFR Procedures - It is now easier to select and load departure and approach procedures. Plus, you may load ILS and other non-GPS procedures. This will not allow you to fly these procedures via GPS, but it allows you to use the full situational awareness offered by the map. Lastly, the KLN-94 may be used as a DME substitute on a Localizer approach when the DME is known to the KLN-94 database.

    QuickTune radio tuning - The KLN-94 can be used to tune KX-155A with Glideslope, KX-155A without Glideslope, or KX-165A NAV/COMMs directly from the database. This can be done either by choosing from a list, or when an IFR procedure is loaded.