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General Specs (cont.)



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FAA TSO\x92d for Certified Aircraft 

Note: plug-and-play compatible with the PMA8000 series and the GARMIN GMA340 

PMA450 has a superset of the capabilities of the PMA8000BT, pilot\x92s access to new advanced features is significantly more intuitive. Pilots who currently are flying with the PMA8000BT will have all of the advantages of their current system along with all of the new capabilities of the PMA450. IntelliAudio is a patented technology that has been licensed from the United States Air Force. Originally designed for fighter pilots who are inundated with multiple types of audio signals, the PMA450 now brings this technology to GA Pilots. 

Simply stated, when wearing stereo headsets, Com 1 will appear to come from the pilot\x92s 10 o\x92clock position while Com 2 will appear to come from the 2 o\x92clock position. Because the method used to create this audio environment not only makes it possible for the pilot to hear both radios at the same time, it allows the brain to more easily discern one com from the other. With IntelliAudio\x92s digital audio processing, the radio and intercom audio is incredibly clean, clear and crisp. This highly acclaimed patented automatic VOX (IntelliVox) is also an integral part of the intercom system of the PMA450, completely eliminating manual intercom squelch adjustments. 

Through the use of 3 soft-keys and a graphic display, the pilot visualizes the set-up of the audio panel. This makes making changes to the audio configuration simple. This approach means a pilot guide is almost unnecessary. 

Nav 1 and 2 switched inputs, there are three pilot definable switched inputs that can be named to reflect actual equipment in the aircraft. 

No requirement for an avionics shop to connect a computer for initialization of the audio panel. All audio panel adjustments can be done by way of the front panel, eliminating the need to connect to an external computer.

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