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  • Business | Personal Services
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  • Long Beach, CA USA

OCR Aviation

Sales Team

2721 E. Spring Street

Long Beach, CA 90806 USA

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OCR Aviation's Team can help! 

Market knowledge, experience, and presentation are the key to assuring you get the best value for your aircraft. We are aircraft sales focused and have hundreds of successful transactions behind us. Call or e-mail us to see how our comprehensive resale program can help you.

EVALUATE. We evaluate your aircraft to determine accurate pricing - which is a key factor. We factor in current market conditions, recent comparative sales, maintenance status, avionics equipment, and unique qualities of your aircraft. Accurately pricing your aircraft relative to market conditions minimizes time on market and maximizes your aircraft's sales price.
WORLDWIDE EXPOSURE. When we bring your aircraft to market we make sure it is represented to showcase its strengths. We will assemble a complete list of specifications, detailed photos, and online logbooks. Once the aircraft is ready to present, we market in all major trade publications and websites worldwide. If there's a buyer looking for your aircraft model you can rest assured they will see yours.
CLOSING THE DEAL. OCR Aviation's Sales Team has sold aircraft in all 50 states as well as Canada, Mexico, Australia, Korea, Switzerland and Ireland, to name a few. Our sales team offers years of experience with proven results and has a worldwide network of resources to make your experience efficient and seamless. This includes qualifying all leads, negotiating sale terms, coordinating pre-purchase inspections, and closing.

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