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    General Specs

    • Business | Personal Services
    • Business Offers
    • Greeley, CO USA


    Call for Price

    Skydance Air, Inc.
    • (970) 714-1420
    • Bert van Toornburg

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    Detailed Description

    The Skydance Air, Inc. Mobile Integrated Flight Operation System (MIFOS) is offered for sale!  MIFOS is an aviation operations and financial management support system for air charter 14 CFR Part 135, Part 91, corporate flight departments, individual aircraft owners and flying clubs.  
    •	The data entry point is an iPhone or iPad App "Flight Ops Tracker" available in the Apple library.  
    •	The pilot enters the flight operations data and transmits to an online AWS Linux server which processes the data.  
    •	Benefits users by saving time and money by tracking their operational and financial performance in real time. 
    •	System generates en route progress of a flight.  
    •	Charter and cargo invoices are automatically completed after data transmittals. The operating P/L can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet and interface with an accounting program.
    •	The electronic pilot record keeping module of the system is approved under 14 CFR Part 135 and is a part of the electronic flight bag (EFB). The "Flight Ops Tracker" eliminates the flight log hard copy.  
    •	The flight records are stored on the device and can be emailed to the pilot and opened in Excel generating a Pilot Flight Log.
    •	MIFOS may be marketed to users worldwide creating a substantial revenue stream.  The business revenue model is a function of how many users and how many flights each user operates per month.  The user fee is based on a rate of for example $.38/leg, which is determined by the owner.  Example: operating 12 aircraft (8-Navajos and 4-Beech 1900C's) an average of 6-legs/day 25 days/month $.38/leg.  With 50-users on the system, the monthly revenue production would be $34,200.
    •	Sales price is $55,000. Owner is willing to carry under an installment plan.
    Please visit for a brief demo video for some of the system capability and functionality.