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  • Business | Personal Services
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  • Saint Simons Island, GA USA


Dean Kantis

Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Airport/SheltAir/KFL

1100 Lee Wagener Blvd, Suite #211

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 USA

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Detailed Description

This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a very well designed and maintained hangar facility.  This facility was well thought out and has an enormous of possibilities.  First, it resides in the back of the cul-de-sac offering a gated private entrance with covered and non-covered parking.  First glance as you enter the facility is “wow…first class, no money spared and a ton of attention to detail and build choice.”  This is a One-Owner facility, who did much research to retain the architecture firm Larry L. Bryson Architect, no stranger to expertise of aviation hangar designs and architecture concepts.  This facility is located strategically away from the busy areas of the field and located at the “southeast corner” of the field.  There should be no problem easily fitting an estimated 6-8 light jets in the large hangar facility with plenty of room left over.  The take away is that this is one of the very few hangar facilities built that is able to accommodate a GIV and/or GV aircraft with plenty of room left over.  To recreate this facility in 2021/2022/2023 building costs with the delays of supply issues and red tape would cost much more and would take a lot longer.  Also, there are exterior areas available for park a few extra aircraft if needed.  This facility offers both service offices, parts rooms, VIP-executive sales team suites, management suites, conference rooms, WiFi as well as hard wired Cat 5/6 internet cable, presentation rooms, bathrooms with showers and handicap accessibility, and a full kitchen for company celebrations!  It’s all there… This is the perfect opportunity to utilize a facility for service, sales and would be a perfect venue for light jet clients to have their plane serviced.  Hangar facility and building have had maintenance beautification in the past 18 months and all maintenance inside/outside have been handled in a proactive manner with no expenses spared.  Sale preferred by yearend 2021.  Possible Seller Financing.  Possible Lease/Purchase considered.

Saint Simons Island Airport:
Saint Simons Island Airport is right in the middle of the hottest areas of the southeast and is considered a ‘Hot Spot’ for many families and businesses that have primary residences and seasonal vacation homes in the Southeast:  Charleston, Hilton Head, Saint Simons Island, Amelia Island, etc.  Airport Runway 5,584’x100’ and has Gulfstream aircraft based there with no problem flying in and out.

Runway Specifications: .

Hangar Site Amenities & Services:

Impressive hangar facilities offer secure and comfortable surroundings for conducting business as well as a transportation hub for your on-going aviation travel requirements. Pilots, business executives, individuals and families alike find Gruber Aviation’s state-of-the-art hangar accommodations a welcome place for conducting business, to visit, and as a base of departure and arrival for their air travel.  Hangar space only, no ramp space.  All executive offices, 625sqft, other 4 offices are 500sqft each, plus the kitchen and cafeteria is 1,250 sqft.  Each office has it's own upstairs/downstairs.  Ground lease is 2003 to 2033 as noted plus (2) 5 year options, 10 years of options.  Thus, a buyer has ground lease to 2043.  Airport allows multiple FBO's.  They can restrict 1 FBO, just need permissions and go through the procedures.   16,000 sqft on floor, and 12,000 sqft on offices, kitchen, café... Built hangar to GV/G550 spec's.  Won't fit a G650.  Hangar Doors measure: 30 feet high x 100 feet wide and ceiling is 35’ height. 

 -Aircraft Joint Ownership Opportunities.
-28,000 Square Executive Hangar Facilities.
-Class-A Office Space for the Aviation Related Companies.
-Pilot Services.
-Charter Services Available.
-Aircraft Brokerage.
-Full-Service Deluxe Kitchen.
-Café Dining Room seating.
-Up to 50 guests.
-Laundry Facilities.
-Men’s & Women’s Bathroom/Shower Suites.
-Secure Gated Covered Parking with motion lighting.
-Viewing Platform and 125’ Obse