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Bert van Toornburg

Detailed Description

King Air 200 Owners - Income Opportunity  

Why leave your aircraft in its hanger or on the ramp while you could be making money in this vibrant air charter business.
Fly your own a King Air B-200 aircraft to our location at Santa Fe Airport (KSAF), then complete the company's final CFR 135.299 certification phase line check.

Your company may then produce revenue under company's 14 CFR 135 Air Carrier certificate flying charters. Company will cover the cost of PIC aircraft ground and simulator flight training and indoctrination training.  Aircraft owner retains 100% of the charter revenue less owner's direct operating expenses (pilot, fuel, engine reserve, maintenance/inspection reserves and an operations and maintenance management fee charged at a $/flight hour rate). You may choose the market best suited for your aircraft. 

Your aircraft must meet the conformity inspection under CFR 135 and have Insurance required per FAA OST 6410 at delivery to company KSAF base of operation. Company will assist in the conformity inspection check and pay the aircraft owner to position aircraft to KSAF as well as for the CFR 135 Line Check at a $/flight hour rate determined by owner.

The term of the lease will be a minimum of 6-months per CFR 135.25. You will have the opportunity to purchase the company with its CFR 135 Air Carrier certificate once your aircraft has transitioned to the certificate for . $305,000
For details on the current process of the certificate see link below

See charter demands google articles at website - Avinode group

Please contact us regarding any information you may need and provide us with the King Air/B200 specs for our approval.