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  • Business | Personal Services
  • Consignment
  • Highland Park, IL USA

Coleman Jet Solutions, LLC

Suzanne Wahl

559 Roger Williams Ave, #2

Highland Park, IL 60035 USA

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Detailed Description

The moment your aircraft is consigned with us, we are at the ready with the most appropriate strategy to achieve a swift and successful sale. Without delay we begin promoting your aircraft to a targeted list of potential buyers throughout the globe. Our direct approach includes proactively tapping our network of repeat clients, mining our relationships and conducting face-to-face meetings, calling campaigns, Internet marketing, email, and hard copy mailings. Our style is to lean forward and approach the market assertively. This has repeatedly produced astonishing results for our clients.

Identifying the market niche for your aircraft
Advising on asking price and pricing strategy
Recommendations for maximising price
Devising a targeted promotional plan
Preparing aircraft specifications, marketing materials, photography and video
Inclusion on all of the most important aircraft brokerage listing websites
Corresponding with the brokerage community
Facilitating direct marketing campaigns to potential buyers
Organising magazine advertising
Engaging and qualifying prospective buyers
Arranging aircraft showings
Negotiating prices and securing the sale
Completion of the deal