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  • Business | Personal Services
  • Salvage Services
  • Oklahoma City, OK USA

Alliance Air Parts, Inc

Justin Rasco

11700 S. Meridian Ave.

Oklahoma City, OK 73173 USA

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Detailed Description

We don't just salvage aircraft, we de-manufacture them.

Alliance Air Parts is different in our whole approach, so that we may be "THE" premium aircraft salvage company. It starts with the condition of the aircraft we purchase. We primarily attain flying aircraft with good pedigree and thorough records. We then de-manufacture the aircraft with our in-house A&P mechanics. The parts are then cleaned, prepped and located in our 48,000sqft. facility.

We have customers, competitors and other aviation professionals who walk through our warehouse and are stunned at the storage environment for our parts. They are surprised to find that we are only selling "as removed" parts, and not a vendor of new factory items. We take great pride in this reaction. We have worked hard to make sure that our warehouse is well organized, and that our pride in proper material handling is easy for someone to observe. Our parts may not come to us new from the factory, but we treat every part as if it were in new condition.

Buying healthy aircraft.
De-manufacturing those aircraft, not just salvaging them.
Storing those parts correctly with proper material control.
Finally, offering quality customer service from our sales dept.
This is what makes a "premium" aircraft salvage operation. We work hard to bring you the best "as removed" parts available on the market. Our hope is to earn your business and change the way you think of the word salvage.