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795000 $795,000

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  • Commercial
  • For Sale
  • Spokane, WA USA



Dean Kantis

Ft. Lauderdale Int'l Airport/SheltAir/KFL

1100 Lee Wagener Blvd, Suite #211

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 USA

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Detailed Description

Spokane Washington based Part 135 W/Hangars | Robinson Service Center | Robinson R44-II Helicopter:  $795k Ask-

Thank you for your interest in our new Helicopter Offering located in the northeast USA territory.  Please have a look and lets then discuss!  This is an opportunity to work with the seller who is an extremely tenured R44 heli pilot/CFI, and was 1 of 4 people in the USA that did animal captures and he can stay on for as long as you would like him to, as he is very interested in seeing his company grow to another level and continue along this successful journey and hand off the company to a new owner experienced in helicopter operations in the northeast USA.    

Perfect opportunity for a buyer looking for service contracts, government bids/contracts and/or a helicopter training center under Part 61.  Part 135 Air charters (over 25 statue miles) and LOA (within 25 statue miles) Approved Air Tours (50 hours/average/month) previously.  This is an opportunity to learn from one of the best helicopter pilots in the world.  The owner/seller will stay on and help make sure you understand the business and/or can help you to evolve this business the way you wish to grow it.  Located in Washington NW corridor of the USA, offers a great opportunity to provide LOA tours, Part 133 Gov’t Bids and also handle Part 135 charter revenue.  It’s all here, and comes complete with newer hangar, 2-heli pads, huge parts inventory, Robinson Service Center, 1-2005 R44 I and helicopter trailer, and more…

Company Information:
Owner is A/P, DER, DOO, past CFI for Robinson R44 Raven Part 61, and used to be CP (currently on extended observation period for medical due to accident in beginning 2018 in helicopter incident and the FAA has restricted his medical until 2023; fully recovered now, and in excellent health).

- Kiwi Air DBA Hells Canyon Helicopters, LLC.
- Mailing Address:  1288 Port Way, Clarkston, WA 99403.
- FSDO region is Spokane Washington.
- Founded:  2008.

- 9 or less passenger aircraft.
- D085:  2005 Robinson R44 Raven II (Insured/worth $300k).
- BASIC Part 135 approval.  
- DM, DM, CP.
- Company has utilized up to 5 contract pilots at a time and had up to 4 aircraft flying at a time depending on contract needs.
- OpSpecs:  USA48, Alaska.
- Western AeroMedical Consortium for the Drug Program in place.
- Had wildlife services #1/Capture work nation-wide in the USA (to qualify has to have 1,000 large animal captures to show the FAA; only 3 people left in the country that have this license less the 4th, which was the owner of this 135).
- Great opportunity to do “Survey Work.”
- Management Team is willing to help with a smooth transition.
- Owner is the DOO and the company flight instructor.  The DOM is happy to stay on as the DOM and an experienced mechanic. The CP will have to be replaced as he is retiring.
- Tenured variety of charters, tours and contracts since 2008. Previously they specialized in wildlife management for government entities.  This has been their niche for the last 13 years. This company was the leading provider of this work in the nation until January of 2018 when the accident/incident happened.  That severe accident was the reason for losing the owner’s flight medical.   Tenured contracts in WA,OR, ID, CA,NV,MN,SD,ND,WY,CO and TX.
- Great opportunity to add on Jet Fuel vs AvGas and add Bell Jet Rangers or MD500 to the OpSpecs (Seller can help!).  However, it’s up to the FSDO to approve and would hope to have done within 45 days.
- Customer database and book of business available to the buyer along with marketing strategy suggestions to get more business for the new owner.

2018 FAA Incident/Findings:
The part 135 is accident and violation free since its founding in 2008.  Pilot/Owner was operating part 91 for the government on an aircraft that wasn't even on the part 135 certificate. The accident was ruled under part 91 and found by both the NTSB and the FAA to be free of pilot error and mechanical error.  The gunner shot off the tail rotor with his ow