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  • RAM AIRCRAFT LP 1058-20
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  • For Sale
  • Camshafts
  • RAM AIRCRAFT LP 1058-20
  • Yes

RAM Aircraft, LP


Parts Sales

7505 Karl May Dr

Waco Regional Airport

Waco, TX 76708 USA

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Detailed Description

Alt Part Numbers: 654084A1 This high-efficiency camshaft provides 3% improved fuel economy at 65%
power, or 3% more power at original fuel flow. This is accomplished by a
slight reduction in lift, duration and overlap. The reduced duration and
overlap lessens the amount of fuel/air charge lost through the exhaust port
during cylinder scavenging. The reduced lift is incorporated to minimize
valve gear acceleration, stress and wear, thus improving durability. - Price listed is for approved dealers. Contact us for more details.