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  • For Sale
  • Fuel Valves
  • Yes
  • Eagle River, WI USA

General Specs (cont.)



Detailed Description

Cessna 100-200 Series w/ Fuel Bladders.

Stainless steel construction

FAA approvals
TSO C76b - FAA standard for fuel drain valves
STC SA01380CH - Eligible for installation on aircraft with for original wings and wings modified by Cessna Service Kits SK206-XX as an alternate means of compliance for AD84-10-01R1

View flowchart below to determine applicable kit number.

STC eligibility listings below

Less hassle
If your wing has been modified by any of the kits SK206-xx and you are installing a new cell, the AD requires the installation of service kit SK206-27 or -28 in accordance with service letter SE84-9. The Cessna valve P/N 84C that was installed under the AD is made of aluminum. It corrodes and gets clogged easily so most people need a new one. To make it worse, if you want to clean the valve, you must remove it. To remove it you have to partially remove the fuel cell. Our STC makes it simple because it is approved as an alternate means of compliance for this AD and it cleans up the bottom of the wing.

Cost saving
Our kits include 2 stainless steel drain valves and the necessary hardware to do both wings for half the price.
Original - 2 Cessna adapter plates
$189 each = $366 + the valves

Modified - 2 Cessna service kits
$69 each + 2 Cessna 84C valves @ $114 each = $366

Our kits are only $189. Discounts are available.
Simplified valve maintenance
Throw away the corroding aluminum valve from Cessna that isn't serviceable without partially removing the fuel cell. Once our stainless steel valves are installed, you can drain, clean, or change the standard o-ring from under the wing without removing the fuel cell.

Recommended by
Owners, Aircraft Associations, IA & A&P’s

Approved Model List

Models	Serial Numbers
180-180K	604, 614, 624,
30000 through 32999,
50001 through 50911
18050912 through 18053000, except 18052490 (1978)
* 18053168 through 18053203 (1981)
* only aircraft with optional wing fuel cells
182-R182	613, 631, 675,
33000 through 34999,
51001 through 53007
18253008 through18266590,
R18200002 through R18200583 (1978)
185-A185F	652,
185-0001 through 185-1599
18501600 through 18503683 except 18502300 (78)
* 18504139 through 18504448 (1981 - 85)
* only aircraft with optional wing fuel cells installed
188-T188C	678T, 188-0446 through 188-0572,
18800573 through 18803973
* T18802839, T18803307T, T18803308T,
* T18803325T through T18803974T
* only aircraft with optional wing fuel cells installed
205	641, 205-0001 through 205-0577
206	206-0001 through 206-0275
U206-0276 through U20604649 except U20602589
P206-0001 through P206-0603,
P20600604 through P20600647
207	20700001 through 20700788 (1969-1984)
210-T210F	616, 618, 57001 through 57575,
21057576 through 21058818 except 21058140
T210-0001 through T210-0197 (1964)