AIRCRAFT OIL COOLERS REMOTE MOUNT 800075 CESSNA 150,152,A152,170,175,177

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General Specs (cont.)


Harrison 8526250

Detailed Description

7 row drawn cup.  FAA Approved Replacement For: Niagara 20002A & Harrison 8526250.  
Eligible Aircraft, Make and Model:  Raytheon (BEECH): 19, C23, A24R, C24R
Piper: PA23-150, PA23-160 (s/n: 23-163 and up), PA-
24, PA28-140, PA28-150, PA28-151, PA28-160, PA28-
161, PA28-180, PA28-181, PA-30
Cessna: 150, 152, A152, 170, 172, 175, 177
Socata: TB9, TB10
Taylorcraft 2000, LLC: F22B, F22C, F22R
Univair (STINSON): 108, 108-1, 108-2, 108-3
AERO-Classics Remote Mounted Oil Coolers (e.g. Lycoming Powered Aircraft) (and other Remote-Mount applications).  AERO-Classics, Inc. offers both the highest quality and the lowest priced FAA-PMA oil coolers on the market today.   AERO-Classics' FAA-PMA oil cooler eligibility list is the most comprehensive in the industry today.  Outstanding Performance.  Excellent Construction Quality.   Industry's Lowest Purchase Price.  Two Year Warranty.  FAA-PMA.  BEST VALUE, ANYWHERE.  When you combine the low price and superb quality of construction visible in these AERO-Classics oil coolers with the fact that they're pressure tested to 400psi and each comes with a full two-year factory warranty - you've got to agree that they're perhaps the best aviation product to come along since bottled motor oil.