1993 EVEKTOR L-13 S.E.H.

  • For Sale
  • 1993
  • EVEKTOR L-13 S.E.H.
  • N7CZ
  • 930430
  • MN USA

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  • For Sale
  • 1993
  • EVEKTOR L-13 S.E.H.
  • N7CZ
  • 930430
  • MN USA

General Specs (cont.)




470 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1993 Evektor Glider

No Damage history, No Long-term storage, all ways hangered and
flown regularly. 

Low Total Time: 441.0 Airframe, Engine and Propellor Hours
N7CZ L-13 SEH Single Engine Hoffmann 3 position propeller

Engine 1 Overhaul Time: 1,200 (commercial uses)

Prop 1 Overhaul Time: 800 (commercial uses)

Second owner CFIG, AP 

Condition: Good condition, in service 4/2022 Current Annual

Year Painted: 1993

Interior Year: 1993

Flight Rules: Day/VFR

Seats: 2 side by side

Avionics / Equipment

Well-equipped Day/VFR & certificated!
4-point pilot's safety harnesses Bendix King KY 97A TSO Transceivers 720 Channal flip standby Channal Switch Bendix King KT 78A Transponder 3A/C Alt-Encoding, Sensitive Vertical Speed Audio Vario,

12-volt electrical system, gel battery, 15 ampere engine generation driven alternator, fuel pump boost pump.
Navigation lights, with Anti-collision strobe light.
Mesit a.s. volt-ammeter, fuel quantity, gages
Mikrotechna s.p. flight turn and bank yaw coordinator.
power outlet for portable accessories.

Nonelectric Mikrotechna s.p. compass, airspeed indicator, (2) LUN Variometers Mesit a.s. cylinder head thermometer, shunt, transmitter.
Seth Thomas Accelerometer
G +- meter resettable memory

Detachable Wings, Foldable Horizontal Stabilizers and Elevators, 2 Pilot headphone jacks and Intercom, Emergency Locator Transmitter 121.5 MHz, Fire Extinguisher
Landing gear up warning system when the 4 spoilers deploy, cabin heat system


1993 Type Certificated #G72EU
Holder: Evektor from Aerotechnik
Standard Airworthiness Certificated
Model L13 SEH Vivat
Glider Category
Utility-Aerobatics including spins

Complex aircraft - Wing and engine cowling flap controls, Wing Spoilers, Retractable landing gear with steerable tailwheel, In flight propellor.

Pressurized and gaged low pressure (.30 MPa) nitrogen tubular main spar cap for airframe fatigue.

Airworthiness Directive 2016-11-12 (2000-20-12) Compiled With (C/W) @ 123.5 TT a onetime compliance by certified inspection for the correct manufacturing material used.

Airworthiness Directives (AD's)
2016-11-11 Complied With (C/W) @ 121.4 TT onetime to paint elevator left side bell crank red if removed for proper reassembly.

Engine AD's-Non-Applicable

Propellor AD's Non-Applicable

No other airframe accessory AD's

Engines / Mods / Prop

Mikron 3-AE 4 Cycle, Four Cylinder Engine, all 77/80 or better compressions, Controlled Air-Cooling System, 65 HP output, 75% @ 2500 3.5gph, down draft with cold engine choke and an internal accelerator fuel pump carburetor, mechanical and electrical fuel pumps, Dual independent magneto Ignition systems, separate airframe engine oil tank, noise reduction cabin heater system, mechanical tachometer with engine time recorder. Well operated, maintained per regulations.

Pilot adjustable Hoffmann HO-V62R propeller for three blade angle settings, has a power pitch for instant power upon restarts after a feathered setting, and has a cruise (course) pitch setting.

Interior / Exterior

Good / Good. Canopy sunscreen Curtons that easily install, full protective outer ramp cover

Slide in cushions, rope bag, first aid and a tool kit

Mechanically adjustable dual cockpit rudder control peddles

Requires a current... Glider...Pilots...Certificate
Or an Add-On glider rating to a 40-hour or more power plane pilot's certificate. No written test needed. A flight test and the pilot's logbook for complex aircraft and the motor glider endorsement to operate it as the pilot in command (PIC), along with a valid U.S. Driver's License, a current Medical Evaluation Course completed per FAR 68.3 known as BasicMed of Regulations or class 3 or better standard medical certifications.

Since purchased new, no damage history, always hangered, well maintained and flown regularly


Imported from Czech Republic 1993
(Replacement parts are available)

This aircraft had a standard airworthiness certification in the utility category date of import and was approved for stall spin recognition and recovery and many other uses as maintained.

Can log flight time as single engine land, glider time with engine off, complex, tailwheel day VFR.

No Medical needed for a Private Operator with the Private Pilot Glider licensed with the motor glider/tail wheel endorsement holders.

This aircraft is a touring motor glider (TMG) TAS 100 mph/93kts with the cruise-pitched propeller 2500 RPM setting as well as a 25:1 glide ratio and the 56' wingspan glider.

Upon unfeathering the propellor from glider mode, the propellor power pitch setting is automatically returned for the restarted engine and warm up after a shutdown.

Compete current airframe, engine, propellor logbooks, all special shop equipment, manuals and any spare parts will be included with this sale.

Fun, solid and stable to fly aircraft.

Post-sale training available by qualified experienced CFIG and aircraft relocation as needed offered.

Any additional questions or information and communications via E Mail Please. Thank You for your interest.