• For Sale
  • 2012
  • N54PK
  • 196
  • Sequim, WA USA

89900 $89,900 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2012
  • N54PK
  • 196
  • Sequim, WA USA

General Specs (cont.)


638 SNEW


598 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Experimental Amateur Built Pipistrel Sinus 912 serial number 196, tailwheel configuration.  Airframe 602 TTSN Engine: Rotax 912UL 80 HP 638 TTSN.  
Construction details: http://www.pipistrelbuilders.com

Avionics / Equipment

Dual Dynon Skyview 7-in displays
Dynon ADAHRS, engine monitor, dual fuel flow sensors, two-axis autopilot, remote magnetometer
Dynon 2020-compliant GPS receiver and transponder,  Separate Dynon dual band ADSB-IN receiver
Winter airspeed, United altimeter
Tasman V2000 variometer w/total energy  probe
ACK E04 406 MHz ELT
XCOM 760 VHF radio
Comant 121 VHF Comm antenna
Avionics cooling fan
Mountain High Oxygen system 8.8 cu ft bottle


Pipipstrel Sinus 912 tailwheel configuration
Span: 49.6 ft, fixed wing tips  
fuel capacity 26 usg
cruise performance: 118 Kts @3.8  gal/hr
glide ratio (engine off, prop feathered)  28: 1

Engines / Mods / Prop

Rotax 912 UL 80 HP
prop Pipistrel Vario
akropovic titanium exhaust 
Tanis engine heater

Interior / Exterior

GRS ballistic parachute repack good until Sep 2021
Pipistrel five-year rubber replacement kit installed April 2019
Aerovation clear fuel sight tubes with floating ball to indicate fuel level
Pipistrel LED wing tip position lights and strobes
Rigid carbon fiber seat backs replace original flexible straps
Berringer  tail wheel
LED landing/taxi light Aveo Vega T2
EarthX 680C main battery


Wing cradles allow one-person mounting and de-mounting of wings
Spare Pipistrel brake discs & pads
Spare main wheel bearings
Spare Berringer tail wheel
Spare tires and tubes - main and tail wheel
EarthX Optimate battery charger and maintainer
Apple iPad Mini and Ram mount plus ForeFlight ADS-B IN receiver
Spot tracker
Oxygen service hardware 
Tools for changing main and tailwheel tires and tubes
Carburetor balancing kit
carburetor air filter cleaning and oiling kit
Specialty tools for Rotax Bing carburetor overhaul

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