• For Sale
  • 2019
  • HB-2777
  • 32067
  • Sarnen CHE

280000 $280,000 EUR

Boschung Global Ltd.

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    • For Sale
    • 2019
    • HB-2777
    • 32067
    • Sarnen CHE

    Boschung Global Ltd.

    Marzena Staniszewska

    Marktstrasse 7A


    Sarnen, CHE

  • +41 44 5863630
  • General Specs (cont.)


    22 SNEW

    82 SNEW

    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Alexander Schleicher ASG 32 Mi. Self-launching high-performance glider incl. COBRA trailer.

    Avionics / Equipment

    Avionics & Equipment:
    2x Airspeed indicators 7FMS4
    2x Altimeter 4FGH20
    2x Variometer 5StVM5
    1x Compass Airpath C 2300
    1x E-Vario / Flight computer LX 9070 with V8-Vario
    1x Remote control for LX 9070 on stick
    PowerFlarm integration in LX 9070
    ADS-B reception in LX 9070
    Activation RFB option (2nd Flarm antenna)
    2nd Flarm antenna as dipole foil antenna on the fuselage underside fitted
    Activation AHRS function
    WiFi function with dongle for main and second device
    Landing gear warning to LX 9070 wired
    1x LX NAV Flarm ACL
    1 LX NAV flap sensor
    1 LX NAV radio bridge Trig
    1x E-Vario / Flight computer LX 9000 D with i8-Vario
    1x Remote control for LX 9000 D on stick
    2x 12V socket with switch in instrument panel
    1x Radio Trig TY 91
    1x second operating unit for radio Trig TC 90
    2x Boom microphone
    1x Loudspeaker
    2x Headset jack in the rear instrument panel guard fitted, incl. Intercom
    1x Mode-S transponder Trig TT 22, class 1
    1x Charging socket in front instrument panel, and 1x Charging socket in the left root rib, each directly to all 4 batteries wired
    1x ELT KANNAD 406 Integra with antenna ANT-100 and remote-control RC-102


    As New
    82 hrs TTSN

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    1x Austro Engine IAE 50R-AA
    56 HP / 41 KW, 294 cm3
    22 hrs TTSN, Fresh 25 hrs inspection
    1x AS2F1-1/R153-92-N1
    2 blades
    82 hrs TTSN; Fresh 25 hrs inspection

    Interior / Exterior

    White two-component gelcoat finish (T 35)
    Completely painted with 2-component acrylic paint
    Special painting (Silver grey / Iron grey)
    Upward-hinged instrument panel in the front seat
    Instrument panel and binnacle painted with Nextel B 34
    Leather furnishings (Hazelnut / Asphalt; diamond pattern)


    Premium Equipment:
    Water tank in the fin
    "Garages" for bug wipers in the fuselage, incl. suitable bug wipers and electronic propulsion
    LED flashlight integrated into the fin nose
    Steerable, retractable tail wheel and reovable wing tip wheels and exhaust port to increase the cockpit ventilation
    Tinted canopies (blue)
    Fittings for 2x two-liter oxygen bottles, for 100 mm diameter
    ILEC-probe system installed instead of multi-probe
    Solar cell 2x Set 7 (4 panells), fitted/integrated flush into engine bay doors
    Additional engine control in the rear cockpit
    Pilot relief tube in both cockpits fitted
    2x battery mounts L & R under the front seat pan, incl. wiring
    Cockpit interior furnishings in leather; Color: Hazelnut / Asphalt; diamond pattern
    2x Additional fuel tank (15 liters) in the wing
    Avionics / Radios (See page 3)
    1x Charging socket in front instrument panel and 1x charging socket in the left root rib each wired directly to all 4 batteries
    1x Battery LiFeP04, 12 V / 20 Ah (installation in the mount in the fin)
    1x Battery LiFeP04, 12 V / 20 Ah (installation in the mounts under the front seat pan)
    1x Electronic oxygen system Mountain High EDS O2D2-2G
    2x Oxygen bottle (aluminum) 2 liters
    2x Battery charger Airbatt Powercharger 2641 DUO, 12 V / 2,0 A, LifeP04, MPX
    2x Headset Telex Airman 750
    2x Parachute Mertens 12-82/23I with manual & automatic release (grey / stone grey)
    2x Carrying bag for parachute
    1x Set of clouddancers all-weather protective covers "uncutable" with solar cells window and quick clamping system
    1x IMI-Gliding "Power-Rigger" (electrical rigging aid), version for double-seater
    1x COBRA trailer (see page 6 for detailed specification)
    Specifically developed for the very popular 20m FAI Two-Seater Class
    Many special features and extras
    Self-launching version equipped with the well-known quiet-running rotary engine from Austro Engines
    Electronic fuel injection enabling a igh degree of operating comfort and efficient power delivery an almost all weather conditions
    Most advanced aerodynamics available today
    Most remarkable wing profile with ability to achieve high climb rates even at higher wing loadings
    Wing layout, winglets, wing-fuselage transitions and tail surfaces optimally matched to each other
    Wing skin permitting as little wing twist as possible
    Maneuverable, highly effective and performance-oriented
    Easy rigging
    Full control, also in the rear cockpit (complete set of controls in both, front and rear seat)
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