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  • For Sale
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  • Bridgeport, MI USA

AeroTow by Amigo Mobility

Jen Thieme Kehres

6693 Dixie Highway

Bridgeport, MI 48722 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


AeroTow T1



Detailed Description

Ground Support

The AeroTow T1 (E200) is a universal tug that can accommodate Cirrus, Mooneys, the 100 series Cessna with or without wheel fairings, single engine Beechcraft, RV's  and tail draggers.  It has the power of one person, struggling, to move the aircraft.  Both wheels drive giving the mover more traction for driving in slippery conditions.

• Electric worm drive gearbox
• Electronic Speed Control
• 2 - 12 volt sealed batteries
• Automatic battery charger
• Fork adaptor
• Unit weighs 135 lbs

Positioning the fork assembly in one of the top
brackets accommodates attachment above the

Positioning the fork assembly in the bottom
bracket accommodates attachment to the axle
of the nose gear or to tail draggers.

Please note:  The AeroTow T1 is a powered towbar.  Turning the aircraft is similar to turning an aircraft with
a regular towbar - the nose gear (or tail wheel) is the pivot point and the turn is made by moving the
towbar left or right.  With a powered towbar this means sliding the wheels of the towbar left or right
by lifting the wheels of the tug off the ground.

Users have the option of having 'dolly
wheels' installed on the T1 to make
free-wheel possible.  This kit is also
available as a retrofit.

Battery power:  The unit is powered by 2 - 12 volt, sealed batteries.  The unit comes complete with the
batteries and its own automatic charger.  The batteries will not develop a memory.  Keep the charger  
plugged in when the tug is not in use.  The charger will automatically shut down when the batteries
reach a full charge.

Shipping and Assembly:  The T1 is shipped by common carrier in a single container.  The only
assembly required is inserting the fork assembly, securing with a snap pin, and attaching the battery
cable to the motor.  The batteries are fully charged prior to delivery.  Move your aircraft within minutes of
taking the T1 from the shipping container.