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  • 4330 Macon Rd
    Tecumseh, MI USA 49286

900000 $900,000

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  • Hangars
  • For Sale
  • 4330 Macon Rd
    Tecumseh, MI USA 49286


145 E. Chicago Blvd

Tecumseh, MI 49286 USA

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General Specs (cont.)

24,000 sq ft




67.00 ac



2650 ft


Detailed Description

$900,000 • AVAILABLE FOR IMMEDIATE SALE • Price Reduced Motivated Seller! on 67 acres. Assumable Debt $297,600 balance at 2.50% until October 2025. 338 months to maturity. Monthly principal & interest payment $1,224.87 Living quarters and office on site. Three separate hangers. Land available to build homes and create and Airpark located between Detroit and Chicago. Renovations of this property are ongoing Asphalt runway 2649 X 75, Pending FAA approval of Turf operations adjacent Asphalt Runway 18-36. Multiple uses for property Tecumseh is a growing community located Between Ann Arbor (30-minute drive) and Toledo OH (30-minute drive). Subdivision completed into 3 parcels: 
* 2.5 acre factory & hangars 
* 7.5 acre commercial vacant lot 
* 58 acres with 2,650' x 75' asphalt runway, 9 hangars & future airpark...i.e. 24 lots/homes?)


Meyers Airport 
4330 Macon Hwy, Tecumseh 
Runway lights, markings and surface maintenance for 8 years 
New hangar roof (20,000 sq ft/20 aircraft) 
Entire 14,000 sq ft factory cleared out of unused and old machinery and equipment & cleaned 
Attic space cleared and cleaned 
Over 2,000 sq ft of original office space renovated 
New Kitchen space finished 
New 3/4 bathroom installed 
Hangars & factory exterior 3/4 completed (to be done before winter) 
3,000 sq ft NEW hangar built 
2021 New Farm Production Plan 
Tree mitigation for arrival/departure runway 18/36 
New traffic pattern established all runways, left traffic 
2000 Permitted & Upgraded Septic System 
Internal hangar and offices painted 
New City water line installed