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General Specs (cont.)



Detailed Description

True Airspeed: Operates on same principles as other airspeed indicators. This model has an adjustable outside air temperature setting which allows the user to compute the True Airspeed. See website for up to date pricing.

This airspeed contains an altimeter diaphragm and temperature diaphragm which continually modify the magnifying ratio of the airspeed mechanism. The effects of density and temperature changes are continuously counteracted, thereby providing constant true airspeed. This indicator has a capillary tube with a temperature bulb that must be mounted through the fuselage. Dials available in MPH, Knots, or Dual Scale MPH outer-Knots inner or Knots outer-MPH inner.

3-1/8 inch Airspeed Ranges:
20-120 MPH
20-100 Knots
20-150 Knots
20-170 MPH
30-160 MPH
40-180 MPH
40-200 MPH
40-250 MPH
40-300 MPH
40-350 Knots
40-400 MPH
40-400 Knots

2-1/4 inch Airspeed Ranges:
20-100 Knots
20-120 MPH
30-160 MPH
40-200 MPH
40-250 MPH.  *Most Units available Outright or as Exchange.  Or we can Overhaul your unit.  Contact us for pricing.

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