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  • For Sale
  • Engine Instruments
  • Yes
  • Fort Erie, ON CAN

Insight Instrument Corp

Brian H Wrightman

599 Industrial Dr.

Fort Erie, ON L2A 5M1 CAN

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General Specs (cont.)




Detailed Description

For  4 Cylinder Carbureted Engines Only.  G1 is the first low cost complete color graphic engine monitor system available in aviation today.

Warning – If you have a injected fuel system and planning or running lean of peak.

G2, 3 or 4 is a better choice.

The G1 GEM offers the basic monitoring features for EGT/CHT and CT (Carburetor Temperature) as the other G-series GEMs but not the advanced leaning features (that require real-time fuel flow data).

All EGT/CHT/CT data is continuously displayed in colour-coded bar-graph and numeric form, but neither mixture lean-of-peak (LOP) nor rich-of-peak (ROP) indication is provided. Leaning boxes do appear following peak-EGT events but the delta temperature number inside each leaning-box only shows the magnitude of temperature drop.

The LOP or ROP mixture status must be determined by the pilot by knowledge of which direction the mixture control was moved following a peak-EGT event. Moving the mixture control to increase fuel flow after finding peak EGT will result in a ROP condition, and moving the mixture to reduce fuel flow after finding peak EGT will result in a LOP condition.

Users of the G1 GEM should disregard references to GEM fuel flow indications in this manual. Similarly any feature that requires use of the rotary control knobs or user configuration screens is not available on the G1 GEM and should be disregarded.

Revolutionary New G1 Leaning Process:

Unparalleled ease of operation

As cylinders peak, boxes will appear on top of EGTs showing peak order and temperature spread.

Restarting The Leaning Process

Restart the leaning process and resetting the peak indications on G1 by short push of bottom button.

Built In G1 Probe Diagnosis Screen:

Continuous probe diagnostic

Confirm system integrity

Trouble shoot engine or a probe problem instantly

Please visit for much more information and to order the G1!