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  • Insurance
  • Aircraft Insurance
  • Frederick, MD USA

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Detailed Description

If you’re a Certified Flight Instructor who teaches in an airplane you don’t own, Avemco’s CFI Non-Owned insurance is designed for you. Even if you are listed on the owner's policy as a pilot, you are most likely not fully protected by their insurance. Your name on their policy does not automatically extend coverage to you. If you are a CFI who works for an FBO, you might not be covered on their policy. It is in your best interest to purchase CFI Non-Owned insurance! 

CFI Insurance Coverage Options:

Our Direct Approach Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Policy includes the following coverage options: 

• Liability Coverage for instruction, flight reviews, check rides and personal flying.
• Property damage liability coverage for damage that you cause to other people’s property.
• Damage you cause to the non-owned aircraft you are instructing in.
• Save up to 15% on your annual premium.*

The CFI Non-Owned policy applies only while you are instructing in a non-owned aircraft. This aircraft can be rented for borrowed and must be used with the owner's permission. However, if you instruct part-time in your own aircraft, Avemco offers the CFI Owned Insurance program.

How much liability coverage should CFI have?

Since different people have different needs, there is not a standard recommended amount of liability coverage you should get. Factors such as personal assets, earnings, whom you carry as passengers, how much you can afford, and others need to be considered when determining your coverage. 

It’s important to note that this policy does not provide you with professional liability coverage for claims asserting that you did not instruct someone properly. Coverage only applies when you are in the aircraft providing instruction. For coverage on past instruction, see our NAFI CFI Program.

Ready to get your CFI Non-Owned Insurance?

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