1968 AERO L-29R OKO

  • For Sale
  • 1968
  • AERO L-29R OKO
  • C-FITA
  • 892815
  • Hawkesbury, QC CAN

75000 $75,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1968
  • AERO L-29R OKO
  • C-FITA
  • 892815
  • Hawkesbury, QC CAN

General Specs (cont.)


224 SMOH


Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1968 AERO VODOCHODY L-29R OKO, TT 1237 hrs 1831 cycles, SMOH 224.2 hrs Motorlet M-701 Turbine, No damage history, All logs since new, All L29R Maintenance manuals and Flight characteristics data, Low time/low cycle aircraft.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin G5 
Garmin 296 portable GPS
King KT 96A Comm
KT76A Xponder

R/N 8338
The following systems were deactivated by the US owner(s):
Ejection System
Canopy jettison system
Oxygen system (we have the bottles which can easily be re installed)
Fire extinguishing system


1237 hrs 1831 cycles

Engines / Mods / Prop

SMOH: 224.2 hrs Motorlet M-701 Turbine

Interior / Exterior

EXT:  Two tone grey with black


No damage history
All logs since new
All L29R Maintenance manuals and Flight characteristics data
Low time/low cycle aircraft
Flown regularly, this low time airplane has never been flown by students and served in the Photo Reconnaissance role for the Czech Airforce
After having been retired from military service, the airplane went back to Aero Vodochoody to be modified as a dual control airplane and to have the camera pod removed before being exported to the USA. It is one of the FEW L29R that have dual
controls as the airplane was originally designed to have a navigator in the back seat and most Oko were sold to civilian without being modified. With it 200L per side wing tip tanks and it's increased MTOW, this airplane is uniquely position to serve all your needs