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Produced from 1963 to 1984, the Boeing 727 is a mid-size, narrow body, three engine, T-tailed commercial jet airliner. The aircraft has the capacity for three cockpit crew and 149 to 189 passengers depending on the variant. Cruise speed is Mach 0.81 and maximum speed is Mach 0.90.

Production of the Boeing 737 began in 1967. The 737 was originally designed as a shorter, lower-cost, twin engine version of the Boeing 707 and Boeing 727. The 737 developed into a family of nine passenger models with a capacity of 85 to 215 passengers. The aircraft is Boeing's only narrow body airliner in production. The Boeing 737 lacks full doors to cover the main landing gear.

Initially the Boeing 737 series, the Boeing Business Jet series are variants of Boeing airliners for the corporate jet market. The BBJ is a partnership between Boeing Commercial Airplanes and General Electric. The empty weight is 94,570 lb (42,895 kg) and the maximum takeoff weight is 171,000 lb (77,560 kg). The maximum speed is Mach 0.82 (481 knots, 890 km/h).

A wide body commercial airliner and cargo transport, the Boeing 747 is often referred to as the Jumbo Jet or Queen of the Skies. Depending on the variant the 747 has the capacity for two to three crew members and 366 to 524 passengers. Cruise speed is Mach 0.84 - Mach 0.85. The 747 is a four engine aircraft and uses a double deck configuration for part of its length. The aircraft is available in passenger, freighter, and other versions.

The Boeing 767 is a wide body, twin jet with two crew flight decks. Depending on the variant model the 767 has the capacity for two crew members and 181 to 375 passengers. Cruise speed is Mach 0.80 (470 knots, 530 mph, 851 km/h) and maximum speed is Mach 0.86 (493 knots, 568 mph, and 913 km/h). The 767 was equipped with {Pratt & Whitney} JT9D and General Electric CF6 engines with wings sized to match. The aircraft was the first Boeing jetliner to offer a choice of engines.

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