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    General Specs

    • For Sale
    • 1981
    • N921BE
    • 501-0174
    • North Palm Beach, FL USA


    Call for Price

    • (561) 478-2244
    • Bill

    Call for Price

    General Specs (cont.)


    2,779 SOH

    2775 SOH






    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    1981 Citation 501SP, 6380 TT, 2775 Since Dallas Airmotive overhauls, 590 hours on NEW OC HT blades, T/Reversers, RVSM capable, FREON, SPZ-500/YD, Skywatch, AOA, Shadin, XM wx, NEW Avidyne IFD 550, AXP322 & 340(ADSB) TXPs, EX500 w/ radar, Collins, Bacon LUIP with fresh phase inspections, 'Like new' interior and boots, lead-acid battery, extended aft-baggage w/ ski tube, fan/turbine sync, 12,500# T.O.weight, Rosen visors, SierraTrax, P&I= 7&9, etc.  Possible trades.

    Avionics / Equipment

    SPZ-500/YD, NEW Avidyne IFD550, EX500 w/ radar, AXP 322/340 ADSB TXPs, Collins, Skywatch, Shadin, G400w, AOA, XM Wx.  
    Sierra glare-shield annunciator panel mod.


    NO damage history, ALL logs, very high service bulletin status.  March 2018 1a, 5a phase inspections including 49(NDT) & 57.  On Bacon Low Utilization Inspection Program, FREON, RVSM capable, 2 ADSBs.  Like new boots with NO patches. excellent glass, extended aft-baggage w/ ski tube, 12,500# T.O. weight, lead acid battery, Sierra nose cone, baggage, glare-shield and interior mods.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    JT15D-1A, 2779/2775 since Dallas Airmotive overhauls, 
    590 hours since NEW OC HT Blades!  Thrust reversers,
    590/1250 SHSI, fan/turbine sync.

    Interior / Exterior

    NEW recovered pilots' seats with skeepskin,  Sierra mod Interior totally refurbished Feb.2018 and is like new(9+). Light grey seats, medium grey carpet with refreshment center. 
    Paint is a 7, still shinny.  Cowl inlet, reversers, wing tips, and inboard leading edges are  polished.


    Highly maintained, low times, many sierra mods, Reversers, RVSM, FREON, IFD 550, EX500 w/radar, G400w, 2 ADSBs, 1981 501SP.