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  • 2016
  • YR-DED
  • 50500345
  • Bucharest ROU

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  • For Sale
  • 2016
  • YR-DED
  • 50500345
  • Bucharest ROU

Coleman Jet Solutions, LLC

David Coleman

559 Roger Williams Ave, #2

Highland Park, IL 60035 USA

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General Specs (cont.)


1227 SNEW

1227 SNEW






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Detailed Description

Coleman Jet Solutions is proud to bring 2016/2017 Embraer Phenom 300 Serial Number 345 to the market.

Aircraft without buyer objections are not commonly seen, even in normal market conditions. In a tight market, these rare aircraft change hands privately, never reaching the light of day. Out of the blue, Phenom 300 s/n 345 appears possessing all that a buyer is looking for: a low time fully programmed (ESP Gold and EEC Enhanced) example with a nine (9) passenger seating arrangement. It is also equipped for European, US, and International Flight Operations.

What’s more, s/n 345 has all the marks of a high pedigree aircraft. It was manifested from the beginning: this Melbourne assembled aircraft joined the factory demonstration fleet under US registry before being delivered to its current owner. Thereafter, it was maintained strictly at Embraer Service Centers with the logbooks showing continuous care without regards to cost. Furthermore, this no damage history aircraft presents with exceptionally cared for cosmetics.

Last, but certainly not least, this aircraft is equipped like no other with features such as:

Garmin Prodigy TouchTM/G3000 Integrated Flight Deck
Dual WIFI systems –GoGo ATG-5000 (US Domestic) and Inmarsat Aviator 200 (ROTW)
FANS/CPDLC with SAT and VHF datalink capability
Garmin RAAS/Garmin Jepp Charts/Garmin XM Radio
HF Radio with SELCAL and Flight Data Recorder
ADS-B In and Out

The exterior of serial number 345 is in the Embraer brand paint scheme with a tasteful mix of Flag Blue, Gray Pearl, Pearl White, and Cascadian Gray. The interior is masterfully equipped with forward left hand galley, forward dual divan, mid-cabin club seating group, two aft forward facing seats, and belted lavatory to seat a total of nine passengers and two pilots.

No other light jet with this cabin size can match the Phenom 300 in terms of fuel efficiency, exceptionally low operating costs, and performance. Because the current owner is taking delivery of a factory new aircraft, serial number 345 has become available to buyers that desire nothing less than the best.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin Prodigy TouchTM/G3000 Integrated Flightdeck
Garmin GDU-1400W Flight Displays
Garmin GIA-63W Integrated Radio Systems
Garmin GMA-36 Marker Beacons
Garmin GRS-77 AHRS
Garmin GWX-70 Weather Radar
L3 FA5000 Cockpit Voice Recorder
Kannad 406AF Emergency Locator Transmitter

Inmarsat WIFI/Voice – Cobham Aviator 200
GOGO WIFI – ATG-5000 with Text and Talk
HF Radio – Honeywell KRX-1053 with CSD-714 SELCAL
XM Weather and Radio Receiver - Garmin GDL-69A XM
Flight Data Recorder (CAT.IDE.A.190) - L3 FA2100
Radio Altimeter - Honeywell KRA-405B
Distance Measuring Equipment - Honeywell KN63
Dual Mode S/ADS-B Out Transponders - ACSS RCZ-852
TCAS II Version 7.1 - ACSS 3000SP TCAS II (Version 7.1)
ADF System - Collins ADF-462
VHF Datalink/CPDLC – Garmin GDR-66
SAT Datalink/CPDLC – Garmin GDL-59/GSR-56
Garmin Ground Clutter Suppression / Turbulence Detection
Garmin Runway Alerting Advisory System / Surface Watch
Garmin Electronic Jeppesen Charts
Garmin Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
Ice Detection System
TAWS Class A

Design Weight Increase (MTOW, MZFW & MLW)
Premium Passenger Door
Life Vests - (for 11 seats)
Crew Portable Breathing Equipment (PBE)
Smoke Goggles
77cu. ft. Oxygen Bottle
Heated Baggage Compartment
Crash Axe


Total Time Since New: 1,227 Hours
Total Landings Since New: 1,109 Cycles
Home Base: LROP
Maintenance Tracking: CAMP Systems
Airframe Program: Embraer Executive Care Enhanced

Engines / Mods / Prop


Engine 1
Description: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E
Serial Number: PCE-DG0699
Total Time Since New: 1,227 Hours
Total Cycles Since New: 1,109 Cycles
Engine Program: ESP Gold

Engine 2
Description: Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E
Serial Number: PCE-DG0698
Total Time Since New: 1,227 Hours
Total Cycles Since New: 1,109 Cycles
Engine Program: ESP Gold

Interior / Exterior

CABIN INTERIOR – New 2016 by Embraer, Melbourne Florida (Rating 8.5+)
The passenger cabin of Phenom 300 s/n 345 incorporates a forward left-hand side deluxe refreshment center with MAPCO hot liquid containers and ample room for glass and tableware. Woodwork is finished in Quarter Figure Sapeli. Ceiling, sidewall, and valance panels in finished in China White Ultraleather. Lower side panels are finished in Charcoal Nubuk Leather. Seat accommodations are for nine passengers with a belted lavatory seat, a forward two-place side facing divan, a center four-place club, and two forward facing seats in the aft part of the cabin. Seats are finished with Zodiac Leather and nickel plating throughout.

Passenger communications consist of both Aviator 200 Iridium Voice/Internet for international operations, and Gogo ATG-5000 Internet with Text and Talk for US domestic operations. The cabin is equipped with a premium inflight entertainment system, which features a CD Player, input for portable media players, XM radio, and a Rosen Bluetooth passenger fl ight display.

Three 115V Outlets and two USB Power Ports are available for personal electronic devices. The main cabin is equipped with speakers and a subwoofer.
The lavatory incorporates both an externally serviced toilet and vanity with sink and a hot water dispenser. A rigid dual sliding privacy door separates the lavatory from the main cabin.

EXTERIOR – New 2016 by Embraer, Melbourne, Florida (Rating 8.5+)
Brand Paint Scheme in Flag Blue and Gray Pearl with Pearl White and Cascadian Gray Trim


Former Factory Demonstrator
Manufactured/Completed in Melbourne, Florida
Impeccable Service History and Logbooks in English
ATG-5000 and Inmarsat WIFI
Nine (9) Passenger Interior with two-place divan and belted lav seat
ESP Gold and Embraer Executive Care Enhanced (Includes Landing Gear Overhaul)
US FAA and EASA Compliance
No Known Damage History

No Damage History
Always Service Center Maintained
60 Month Inspection C/W April, 2021 by Altenrhein Aviation
1200 Hr Inspection Completed December 2022 by Altenrhein Aviation
Basic Empty Weight – 11,798 lbs / 5,351.4 kg