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  • 1986
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1595000 $1,595,000 USD

Jet Mann Inc

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    • For Sale
    • 1986
    • Not Listed
    • Not Listed
    • USA

    Jet Mann Inc

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    Gulfstream G-III (S/N: 492) W/Thrust Reversers & Hubbard SQ3 HUSH KITS:
    Dual EFIS Flight Systems, Dual FMS UNS-1EW, Dual WAAS GPS, Fairchild F1000 FDR Maintained FAR-135.
    TTAF: 9,685.2
    Landing Cycles: 4806
    #1 Engine s/n 11407 Rolls-Royce Spey 511-8 TTSN: 9510.9 hrs. 4713 cycles
    #2 Engine s/n 11408 Rolls-Royce Spey 511-8 TTSN: 9530.8 hrs. 4722 cycles
    #1 Engine expires at Calendar Life limit date March 24th, 2024.
    #2 Engine expires at Calendar Life limit date April 7th, 2024.  
    APU Honeywell GTCP36-100G (s/n: P-389) TTSN: 7156 hrs., Fresh APU Hot Section!
    Avionics Equipment:
    Dual Sperry EDZ-803 EFIS  ADI Electronic Displays/Flight Directors
    Dual Sperry FZ-500 Fight Director Computers
    Sperry SP-600 Autopilot Computer
    Sperry AZ-800 Flight Data Computer
    Sperry SZ-800 Stability Augmentation Computer
    Dual Sperry AZ -800 Air Data Computers
    Dual Sperry SG-803 Symbol Generators
    #1 Comm Collins VHF-21D Transceiver
    #2 Comm Collins VHF-21D Transceiver
    #3 Comm Collins VHF-21D Transceiver
    #1 Nav Collins VIR-32
    #2 Nav Collins VIR-32
    Dual Collins 628-2A HF Communication Systems
    Motorola N1295A Selcal System
    Dual Collins ADF 60's
    Sperry Primus 800 Color Weather Radar
    Triple Honeywell Laser Nav II INS
    Dual Collins DME-42
    Dual Collins ALT-55B Radio Altimeters
    #1 Transponder Collins TDR 94D
    #2 Transponder Collins TDR 94D
    Bendix/King ACFS/TCAS-67B TCAS II w/7.1
    #1 FMS Universal UNS-1EW
    #2 FMS Universal UNS-1EW
    #1 WAAS GPS
    #2 WAAS GPS
    Data Transfer Unit p/n: 1408-00-2
    Universal TAWS (Terrain Avoidance Warning System)
    Iridium Air Sat System Phone with Cockpit and Two Main Cabin Handsets
    Cockpit Voice Recorder Fairchild Model A100
    Flight Data Recorder Fairchild Model F1000 (P/N: 5703-1000-00) 
    60 HZ Converter 
    406 MHZ ELT
    Airshow 400
    Fwd Crew Lavatory w/Hot water heater
    Aft Cabin Lavatory w/Hot water heater
    Potable Water 20 gallons
    Two 12 Man Life Rafts w/ELT's
    Interior: Is Very Clean and Extra Nice! Two Crew plus Jump Seat, Main 12 Place Main Cabin, Colors Navy Blue & Beige with Leather & Fabric which Includes 4 Place Divan, 8 Full size chair's w/pull out tables, Fwd Crew Lavatory and Aft Cabin Lavatory. Aft Galley with Microwave, Hot Cup with timer, Coffee Maker, Ice Drawer, 
    Aft Galley Cooler, Trash Container, Cabin Entertainment Center with Forward Bulkhead Monitor.
    Exterior: Navy Blue & Silver with red accent stripe. Nice! (Hangared)
    Price: $1,595,000.USD
    Note: "All information on Page 1 & 2 must be verified by purchaser.
    Gulfstream G-III serial #492 is also subject to prior sale!